Top Wedding Trends for 2019: What’s in and What’s out for Weddings Next Year

Now that wedding season has come to a close, instead of wedding photos flooding your Instagram and Facebook feeds, you’ll start to see engagement photos galore. Thanksgiving marked the start of proposal season, which means that if you’re one of the lucky ladies getting proposed to in the next few months, 2019 will be your year of wedding planning. Before you start stocking up on wedding magazines, be sure to check out of roundup of the top wedding trends of 2019. From crop top gowns to single stem bouquets, 2019 is bringing us more than a few exciting new trends.

1. Floral Installations

wedding trends 2019

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In 2018 we saw floral installations take the place of centerpieces on wedding tables. This trend will continue into 2019, but instead of over-the-top hanging installations, expect to see curated floral moments on tables instead.

2. Gesture Cakes

wedding trends 2019

Cake via 

This year it’s all about variety as couples are getting unique with their desert choices. While a traditional cake is still at the forefront of popularity, couples are incorporating a few of their favorite desserts like cupcakes, pies and candy for guests to enjoy and having a small “gesture cake” to fulfill the traditional cake-cutting duties. 

3. Single Stem Bouquets

wedding trends 2019 

via Leandri Kers Photography / The Pretty Blog

Step aside greenery, this year brides are opting for single stem bouquets that they can DIY. Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but it also plays into the trend towards simpler, minimalistic wedding décor elements.

4. Polka Dots

wedding trends 2019

Viktor & Rolf Gown via the Cut

It’s no secret that bridal trends are always changing and hopping to the next big thing, and this year is no different. Expect to see a lot of polka dots walking down the aisles this year. From subtle patterns on the gowns themselves to polka dot veils, you’ll for sure be seeing spots this wedding season.

5. Grazing Tables

wedding trends 2019

via Green Wedding Shoes

2019 will bring one of our favorite wedding trends—grazing tables. Gone are black tie waiters and waitresses walking around with appetizers. Instead, cocktail hour will be filled with beautiful charcuterie stations for guests to graze at before the meal. Think tables of breads, meats, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and chocolates (what more could you ask for)!

6. Engagement Moons

wedding trends 2019

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Engagement moons have been gaining traction over the years as wedding costs have continued to rise. Couples are opting to take a pre-wedding holiday after their engagement instead of a honeymoon to cut down on costs and save for the wedding. This way they’ll be able to spend some quality time together celebrating their new engagement before the stress of wedding planning sets in.

7. Velvet Linens

wedding trends 2019

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Table linens are taking a cozy turn this year as velvet decor is being chosen as a key table element. Not only is this a perfect fit for fall and winter weddings, but it also helps to create a cozy, yet moody vibe for guests.

8. Crop Tops

wedding trends 2019

via Cathy Telle

Two-piece wedding dresses swept the runways at Bridal Fashion Week, so you’ll start to see brides this year walk down the aisle in this modern, trendy take on standard wedding gowns.

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