9 of the Most Adorable Proposal Ideas for Engagement Season


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After wedding season comes engagement season! If you’re planning to pop the question during the holidays, here are some amazing ideas to help you plot out your proposal.

1. The Classic

If you’re looking for a classic, tried-and-true wedding proposal, look no further. Pick a favorite place that you and your significant other have—whether it’s the park you had your first kiss in or your favorite city landmark— and ask someone to take a photo of you two in front of it. Instead of cheesing, drop down on one knee and pop the question. Not only will you surprise your new fiancée, but you’ll also be making sure you get some pretty awesome shots of the proposal. 

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Have a little fun with your proposal and send your soon-to-be finance on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Start the hunt at home with a handwritten note or have a friend pitch in to deliver the first clue. Each clue can take them to a new place that holds special significance in the relationship. The sky is the limit here, so go as big or as simple as you want to!

3. The Classifieds

Remember when you graduated high school and parents would take out an ad in the local newspaper congratulating you? Well, this proposal is the grown-up version of that. If your significant other always starts his or her day with a newspaper in hand, this one’s for you. All you have to do is take out an ad in the paper with your written proposal and pick a good spot for both of you to read the morning paper in.

4. Destination Proposal

There’s something about a romantic destination proposal that always makes us swoon (to be fair all proposals make us swoon, but this one we swoon extra hard at)! Pick a city that you two have always wanted to visit, and get ready to go all out with planning. You can even enlist the hotel concierge to help you pick the perfect place in the city to pop the question. The best part about the destination proposal is that you’ll have your whole trip to celebrate your engagement and you’ll be able to make memorable experiences in a brand new place.

5. The Airplane

While we’re fully against clapping on airplanes (especially when the plane lands), we are on board with clapping in celebration for this proposal idea. On your next trip together, enlist the help of the flight attendant to let you borrow the intercom system to propose to your love while 30,000 feet in the air. 

6. Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite “trick” proposals is to slip the ring on while your significant other is sleeping and give them a morning wake up surprise when they see the rock on their finger. Celebrate after with breakfast in bed (complete with mimosas, of course).

7. Holiday Proposal

Make the holiday season that much brighter with a holiday proposal. Use outdoor string lights to spell out “Will you marry me?” in your front yard. Then invite your friends over for holiday party and reveal the message to your fiancé-to-be.

8. The Movie Buff

Does your significant other have a favorite romantic movie that they just can’t get enough of? If so, reenact a romantic scene from the movie as your proposal. We’re thinking Pretty Women style with a white limo and flowers in hand or a Walk to Remember style proposal when he pops the question while stargazing.

9. The Foodie

Book a dessert night with your significant other where you taste test different desserts. When the last one comes out, have the bakery present a cake with a bride and groom on top with your ring box. The best part of this one is that you’ll already have cake to celebrate with!

10 Timeless Wedding Ideas that Will Never Go Out of Style

Here’s how to make sure you always look back on your wedding photos fondly (and without being embarrassed about your hairstyle). 

1. A Classic Chignon Hairstyle

classic wedding ideas

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Speaking of hairstyles you won’t regret, a classic chignon never goes out of style. Not only does it look good on everyone, but its versatility also lends itself perfectly to a beach wedding as well as a boho outdoor ceremony. Plus, if it was good enough for Meghan Markle, it’s good enough for us!

2. A White Dress

wedding ideas never go out of style

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When it comes to wedding dress colors, white stands the test of time and remains a classic, elegant choice that you definitely won’t regret later down the line. While colored gowns go in and out of style, a traditional, white A-line silhouette transcends decades.

3. Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

timeless wedding ideas

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If you look at any bridal magazine or wedding blog, you can see that mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses are having a major moment. Whether it’s different variations of the same colored dress or completely different dresses and colors altogether, a lot of brides are switching things up and veering away from traditional matching bridesmaid gowns. While we love this trend just as much as the next wedding obsessed girl, if you’re looking to keep things timeless, you can’t go wrong with matching bridesmaid gowns. Trust us, when you’re looking back on your photos in 20 years, you’ll thank us that you kept things cohesive.

4. Simple Invitations

There’s no denying that crisp, clean invitations with striking typography are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding. 

5. A Muted Bouquet 

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Pages could be written about our love affair for a striking, bold bouquet filled with autumn favorites like deep reds, burgundys and darks greens. While this nature-inspired trend is all rage at the moment, in ten years you might look back and wish you had opted for a classic bouquet instead. If you’re on the fence, opt for the latter and go with a soft bouquet of pink and white roses to really exemplify the classic romance that we all love so much.

6. Floral Centerpieces 

We’ve seen some pretty out-there centerpieces (think: fish aquariums and paper doves), but a traditional vase filled with classic flowers, like roses and hydrangeas, always seems to keep us coming back for more. 

7. The Post-Vow Toss

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If you’ve ever taken a peek at any wedding fail videos, you know that the #1 mishap comes from that one wedding guest that threw rice a little too hard as the couple was exiting the church. Whether it’s rice or an ill-timed confetti moment that ended up with the bride peeling confetti paper off of her lipgloss, the post-vow toss is best left to a handful of romantic flower petals instead. Plus, there’s no denying that petals make for a much more romantic photo than rice does.

8. A Black Tux

If you’ve ever taken a look at your husband-to-be’s high school prom photos and wondered why he ever chose to wear that red tux or opted for a checkered suit instead of something a little more subdued, then save yourself the headache and have him go for a classic black tux on your wedding day. After all, a fitted black tux always looks sharp and your groom won’t look back in 20 years wondering what was he thinking.

9.  A Long Veil


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A long, sweeping veil is the epitome of breathtaking. There’s a reason this tried and true wedding accessory has survived through the decades— it’s the perfect balance of whimsical and romantic to really offset your wedding gown and play into the romance of the day.

10. Champagne Tower

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While we secretly love a good champagne tower for the amazing Instagram moment in provides, we also know that this classic favorite is the best way to make cocktail hour that much more exciting at your wedding. While other bar moments come and go, a champagne tower is forever (or at least until the bubbly runs out).

The Best Viral Wedding Videos of All Time

Whenever we hear about a new viral wedding video, we can’t help but to stop everything we’re doing and watch. Whether it’s a hilarious maid of honor speech or an epic dance party, these videos are like our wedding kryptonite. If you are just like us and love to spend your afternoon laughing, crying and gasping at viral weddings videos, then you’re in luck! We’ve handpicked some of our favorites ones that have stolen our hearts and grabbed our attention below.

If you’re in the wedding planning process, be sure your wedding video goes viral for the right reasons! After all, no one wants to be that one bride whose dress splits open midway through her first dance. Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kits can save your day in hundreds of ways, from repairing a split hem, to stopping static cling, to keeping blisters off of your feet so you can wow the crowd with your first dance routine. Trust us, after you watch these videos (and bloopers), you’ll want to be prepared for anything!

1. Epic Wedding Entrance

Sometimes the most unsuspecting videos turn out to be the best. What started out as a simple church wedding turned it to one of the most epic wedding entrances we’ve ever seen. This bride, groom and their wedding party choreographed a dance to Chris Brown’s “Forever” and the result was a hilarious and unforgettable wedding entrance. Take a look at the video (if you haven’t already seen it) and join the 96 million (!!) people that have made this video a viral sensation.

2. Michael Bublé Wedding Surprise

Full disclosure—this video gives us all the feels! While the most surprising part of most weddings is usually the speeches, this groom shocked his bride in a totally different way. The bride, Amanda, had casually mentioned (on their first date no less) that she always wanted her husband-to-be to sing a certain Michael Bublé song at her wedding. This groom took it to heart and shocked her with a spot-on rendition of “I’m Your Man.” Be sure to check it out and get ready to be pleasantly surprised by his singing chops.

3. A Father Daughter Dance That Surpasses All Others

While most father/daughter dances are usually done to an emotional song like Unforgettable,” by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole or “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, this father and daughter duo opted for something a little different. They instead chose a medley of some of pretty amazing songs (hint: it includes, Beyoncé and Jump On It). If you’re planning a wedding anytime soon, you might want to rethink your father/daughter dance!

4. A Wedding Reception Turns Into a Music Video Filming

What makes the most epic wedding video of ALL time? We’re glad you asked! All it takes is a great playlist, a videographer and some pretty willing wedding guests. Robert and Teresa took this to heart and did the impossible… they enlisted their 250 wedding guests to create a music video during their wedding reception. Guests were briefed for 10 minutes and put into position before the impromptu music video. The only thing we thought when watching this is where was our invite?!

5. Maid of Honor Rap

This maid of honor decided to forgo a traditional wedding toast and instead opted to rap her entire speech instead. Not many people are brave enough to take on “Ice Ice Baby” in front of a room full of wedding guests, but this cheeky maid of honor did just that, shocking everyone in the room. Check it out and get ready to be seriously impressed.

6. Wedding Fails


We have to admit, sometimes wedding bloopers are a guilty pleasure of ours. Whether it’s an adorable ring bearer who just happened to drop the rings, a flower toss gone wrong, or a broken shoe that turns into an epic fall, these weddings fails will definitely make you laugh, cringe or something in between. 

9 Wedding Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s no such thing as too much inspiration. It used to be that when you started to wear your sparkly new engagement ring, you would start picking up a few bridal magazines to help start the planning. Now, inspiration is (literally) at your fingertips. You can endlessly scroll through the ‘gram for inspiration on everything from your dress to your table centerpieces. To feed into your guilty pleasure scrolling, here are our top wedding Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration:

1. @stylemepretty
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Coined as “your wedding BFF” this account shares everything from beautiful engagement photos to floral inspiration. …The best part? They tag all of the vendors in the photos, so you won’t have to do any digging to find their information.

2. @bhldn

BHLDN (which is actually Anthropologie’s sister company) is your source for vintage-inspired, beautifully crafted attire and decorations. Beware: their dresses are to-die-for and once you take a look, you might just fall in love with your dream dress.

3. @weddingdream

This is your ultimate source for all things wedding related. From bridal hair to honeymoon destinations, this account has got you covered!

4. @aislesociety

If you could put all of the wedding blogs you follow into one place, this would be it.

5. @poppiesandposies

Who doesn’t want to open up their Instagram app to photos of beautifully curated floral arrangements? This account has been featured on top wedding sites like The Knot and Brides, so you know they have to be doing something right. Our favorite part about this account is that they give you a behind-the-scenes look at their work, and you know we’re suckers for a good #BTS pic!

6. @stonefoxbride

This is a must-follow for all the boho brides out there. The founder of Stone Fox bride, Molly Guy, started this anti-bridezilla showroom in NYC and it morphed into a site for girls that are tired of seeing princess gowns and mermaid silhouettes. With a motto of “f*ck weddings,” their site and their Instagram is dedicated to those who like their wedding inspiration photos with a side of sass. If boho-bridal isn’t your style, the engagement stories they post will either have you laughing or in tears (or both)!

7. @ericaobriencake

We couldn’t create this list without adding in a wedding cake account. The one thing we know your guests are going to look forward to is of course the cake. Before you start making tasting appointments, be sure to follow this account for inspiration.

8. @theknot

Chances are you’re already following this all-in-one account, but just in case we had to add it to our list. The Knot eats, sleeps and breathes weddings, and if you’re looking for inspiration this account has got it all. Plus, we know it’s every girl’s dream to have their engagement ring featured here, so be sure to polish those nails and tag them in your best ring shot!

9. @mojubawedding

We might be biased, but we’ve got a pretty good thing going on over on our ‘gram too. Follow us to stay up to date with our latest products, blog posts, and inspiration photos!

How to Set a Proper Dinner Table

Setting a proper dinner table is always one of those adulting tasks that seem far more daunting than it actually is. While you might be stressing out wondering if you need to buy all new china, or where exactly the soup spoons should go, no need to worry. With a few key serving pieces in your arsenal and our setting instructions, you’ll be prepared to host a dinner party in no time!


how to set a proper dinner table

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The first step in setting a proper table is having the right china. China is often the centerpiece of your wedding registry, so if you’re married or engaged, you’re likely familiar with adding these pieces to your registry. When it comes to china, you’re either talking about formal or causal dinnerware dishes. Formal or fine china includes bone china and porcelain, whereas casual china is usually earthenware or stoneware and is a less expensive option. Many sources will tell you that couples should buy two sets, one set of formal and one set of casual for everyday use. This really depends on your plans. If you plan on hosting formal dinner parties often, it’s a good idea to invest in some high quality china, whereas if you tend to lean on the more casual side of things and plan on only having friends over for a small gathering every once and awhile, there’s no need to invest in formal china.

Key Pieces:

Place settings usually come in four- or five- piece sets. The four-piece is usually a casual china set and includes a dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, soup/cereal bowl, and mug. The five-piece set, typically for formal china, includes a dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread plate, and a cup and saucer. Some additional serving items you might want to consider are a large and small platter, two to three serving bowls of various sizes, a gravy boat, a cream pitcher and sugar bowl, a teapot, some small serving dishes of various sizes and shapes, soup bowls, and chargers. You’ll also want to make sure you have the appropriate water and wine glasses, as well as flatware to go with your set.

Setting the Table


When it comes to actually setting the table, the dinner plate is positioned in the center of the place setting, with the napkin placed over it. The napkin can actually be placed anywhere in an informal setting, either on the plate, to the left of the plate under the forks, or on its own to the left of the forks. The flatware is arranged around the plate in the order it will be used. Two forks are places to the left of the plate with the small fork on the outside and the dinner fork on the inside. The dinner fork (the larger of the two) is used for the main course, whereas the small fork is used for a salad or appetizer. The dinner knife is placed to the right of the plate, the cutting edge facing inward. Spoons then go to the right of the knife, again following the outwards-in rule by which is used first. If soup is served first, it would be placed outside the dinner knife and the dessert spoon would go to the left of the soup soon. Any drink glasses or stemware should be placed to the right of the setting, above the knife.


For a formal event such as a dinner party or holiday meal, your formal place setting is just the informal place setting taken to the next level. You can decorate the table with floral centerpieces, candles, etc. This is your chance to have fun with it! A few things to remember: no more than 3 of any utensils are to be placed on the table at a time, except when an oyster fork is used in addition to the other three forks. If you are serving more than 3 courses before dessert, the utensils for the fourth are brought in with the food. Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the desert plate before dinner is served as well as the cup and saucer for coffee and tea. Overall, the setting follows the same outside-in order as the informal setting did above. The glasses follow this same order, and the water glass should remain on the table from the beginning to the end, typically placed closest to the plates. The only additional differences are the salad plate atop the dinner plate, the place card addition, and the bread plate and butter knife. 

Happy entertaining!!

Monogram Etiquette: What Newlyweds Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to personalize something with your new last name (ek!) or are looking to give an extra special gift to the bride and groom, there are a few monogramming “rules” to follow. So before you go adding a monogram to a set of towels or go gifting the bride with a monogrammed robe for her wedding day, be sure to read on!

Chances are you’re familiar with monogramming from back in your elementary school days when you had a backpack emblazoned with your initials on it. Now that you (or a friend) are getting married you have to take into account whether they’ll be changing their name.

Couple Monogramming:


Traditionally women either take their husband’s last name, only changing their last initial, or shift their maiden name to the middle name slot, taking their husband’s last name in place of their own. Many women also keep their maiden name professionally and take their husband’s last name socially. Men on the other hand don’t usually change their initials unless he and his spouse opt for a hyphenated last name. When it comes to couple monogramming, we outlined a few options above. If the bride and groom decide to share a hyphenated last name, a hyphen is also used in the monogram.

If the bride keeps her maiden name, the couple’s monogram would be dual initials, having the two last name initials separated by a dot, asterisk, etc. This will help to differentiate the monogram from a hyphenated last name monogram. In the example above, Elizabeth Grace Brown and Charles William Smith would use B*S as their combined monogram.


Most monograms can be divided into two main categories: monograms where letters are all the same size (block) and monograms where the center initial is larger. The larger center initial style is mostly used for couple monograms.


When it comes to the actual typography, the sky is the limit! If you’re gifting a monogrammed item, it’s best to stick with basic block lettering. If you’re personalizing something for yourself, you can go as intricate or as simple as you would like. Some people even have a custom illustration or crest drawn for them. This is your chance to really let your own or your couple personality show.

What to Monogram:

If you’re trying to decide what exactly to mongoram, the options are endless. The most commonly monogrammed items are linens, towels, china, and stationery. A lot of couples will already have these items picked out on their wedding registry with their chosen monogram, so you won’t have to worry about which to chose. 

*All photos via The Knot

Ali Fedotowski’s Wedding

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re enthusiastic, card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation. And while not all of the show’s match-made-in-fantasyland romances end up working out, we still always root for the Bachelor protagonists to find love. Which is exactly what happened last week when one of our all-time favorite leading ladies, Ali Fedotowsky married her long-time love (and baby daddy) Kevin Manno in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. It was every bit as beautiful as the bride herself! Take a peek, below. (All of these stunning photos are via Us Weekly and Brandon Kidd Photography).

Wedding Details:

The ceremony location: Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Ceremony dress: Alvina Valenta
Reception dress: Val Stefani 
Bridemaids dresses: Jenny Yoo
The flowers: Garden roses and ranunculus
Wedding planners: Gather Events

 According to Us Weekly, the bride wanted to look beautiful, but still like herself on her wedding day. 

“Getting ready” photo opps are now almost a requisite for wedding photography, and we love the trend toward bridal parties in coordinating robes. Ali & her maids wore designs by Plum Pretty Sugar while getting ready. 

The couple’s 8-month-old daughter, Molly, was a flower girl. 

The couple chose three cakes (how could you not love these guys?) from Beverly’s Bakery. 

Another of our favorite wedding trends, gold flatware, paired with menu cards from Minted.

How beautiful are her flower arrangements? 

The creative placecard designs were done by Red Letter Day. 

Lounge areas were set up to give guests a place to talk and rest throughout the night. 

Invitees included Hollywood stars like Kaley Cuoco and Lacey Chabert, as well as some of Fedotowsky’s fellow Bachelor castmates.


Looks like Ali did get her fairy tale ending after all. Congratulations to the happy couple!

100 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses

As much as we like to think a wedding is about love, it’s usually about the couple… well lets be honest its about the bride and what she will be wearing down the aisle! Over the decades we have seen many famous brides wear some amazing and over the top wedding gowns. Jewerly company Vashi put together a chart of the most iconic of them all. You can also check out Vashi.com to get a closer look of the chart.

100 most iconic wedding dresses



Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday to our country!!

And thank you to all the brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Here are some interesting facts about the Fourth of July that you probably didn’t learn in school.

Interesting Facts about Independence Day

bristol, rhode island











  • 1 in 3 hotdogs in the U.S. come from Iowa.
  • We will eat 6.1 billion pounds of beef like hot dogs, steaks, and burgers.
  • About 150 million hotdogs are eaten on the Fourth of July every year.


  • U.S. Presidents, and Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away on July 4th. The even more amazing coincidence is that both died on the same day in the same year of 1826 by a difference of five hours with Jefferson passing first at age 82 and Adams at age 90.
john adams

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

  • Even though the Fourth of July is America’s birthday, we’re not the only ones who celebrate it. Denmark began celebrating our Independence Day in 1912. After thousands of Danes immigrated to the USA. Thousands of Danish Americans and U.S. military personnel stationed in Europe celebrate Independence Day at the annual outdoor festival in Rebild, Denmark. It’s the largest Fourth of July celebration outside the United States.

american flag danish flag pin


Happy Independence Day America!! Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

independence day

So did you know any of these facts? Do you know any more interesting facts about the Fourth of July? Let us know!!








Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY

The day has finally arrived … Tuesday, April 14th … Free Cone Day! Starting at noon Ben & Jerry’s will be handing out free cones all around the globe!

Free Cone Day

The best part about this deal is that it is not limited to one per customer. So if you really want to try all the flavors Ben & Jerry’s have to offer you can get right back in line for another FREE cone. Talk about a cheap date!!

Free cone day

So grab your date and get your free cone today! We just hope you don’t mind waiting in lines. Thanks Ben & Jerry’s!



photos: Ben & Jerry’s