10 Ideas That Will Make You Want a New Year’s Eve Wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding instantly brings images of sequins, confetti, sparklers, black and gold accents and most importantly—midnight kisses to mind. With so many fun elements to the first and last party of the year, what’s not to love about planning a New Year’s Eve wedding? To get even more inspired than you already are, take a peak at some of our favorite NYE wedding moments and get ready to check that calendar for 2019!

1.  Sequins, Sequins and More Sequins

We’re always looking for an excuse to wear sequins and a New Year’s Eve wedding is pretty much the epitome of sparkle and shine. Channel your inner golden girl and have your bridesmaids wear sequined dresses. The glitz and glamour of it all will make them feel extra special and it’ll look amazing next to your classic white gown in photos. Plus, your bridesmaids will be extra grateful to you for letting them have a gown that they can actually wear again! 

New Years eve wedding

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2. Countdown In Style

We love the idea of having a clock as the centerpiece of each table so that guests can count down to midnight together.

 New Years eve wedding

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3. Skip Your Standard Photobooth 

A NYE wedding gives you the opportunity to have some photo fun with balloons. Have your guests hold balloons from the past year for photos and then at midnight let them go to symbolically “let go” of the past year.

  New Years eve wedding

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4. A Timeless Cake 

Take a departure from your typical tiered cake and instead opt for something that ties in with your New Years theme. Not only is this cake a real showstopper, but it also makes a great Instagram moment for your guests… who doesn’t love a good ‘gram moment?

New Years eve wedding

5. Make an Exit

Hand out sparklers for each guest to light the way as you leave your reception. It definitely beats having rice thrown at you, and it makes for a pretty amazing photo.

New Years eve weddingNew Years eve wedding

photo 1 & photo 2 

6. New Year’s Resolutions

Play into your holiday theme by having New Year’s resolutions on the table cards. These can be serious, inspiring or funny depending on your and your future husbands’ personality. They’re a fun way to tie in your theme and to give guests some food for thought or a conversation starter at dinner! 

New Years eve wedding

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7. Glamorous Table Runners

Make each table shine with gold sequined table runners. These standout table runners will really set the tone of the party and will give you a chance to play up gold accents with the tableware, place cards and flowers. 

New Years eve wedding

8. Party Favors

Everyone loves a good party favor, and weddings are no exception! Have a basket of party streamers and noisemakers for guests to grab for the midnight countdown. 

New Years eve wedding

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9. Make it Themed

Halloween doesn’t have to be your only excuse to dress up; your NYE wedding can double as a masquerade party, too! We love a good themed wedding and this one takes the cake for one of our all-time favorites. Let your guests know to dress the part in your wedding invitation and have masquerade masks at each person’s chair so that everyone can take part in the fun.

New Years eve wedding

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10. Pop Bottles 

Bottles of bubbly serve as the perfect take-home gift for your guests. After all, there’s no better way to start the New Year off than with a champagne toast and a midnight kiss!

New Years eve wedding

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Must Haves for a Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Day Survival Kit Must-Haves

When it comes to your wedding day, the old saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” is one that you’ll want to take to heart. While you’re bridesmaids are furiously checking their weather apps and doing every possible rain dance to prevent any weather mishaps on your big day, you’ll want to make sure you’re covering all of the other bases. That’s why we created our Wedding Day Survival Kit, filled with anything and everything you might need for a smooth, stress-free wedding. If you’re wondering exactly which essentials we stocked up on (and which ones you should stock up on too), look no further!

1. A Sewing Kit with Pre-Threaded Needles

Whether it’s a loose button, a small tear or a strap that just won’t stay in place, a mini sewing kit is going to be your best ally on your wedding day. Our Mojuba kit is equipped with Gilchrist and Soames sewing kit with pre-threaded needles to solve any last minute sewing woes.

2. Fashion Tape 

Any blogger or fashionista you ask will tote the importance of having fashion tape on hand at all times. We stock our Mojuba Wedding kit with BugCatcherz fashion tape so that you don’t have to worry about keeping things in place. This is especially important if you have a deep v or low-cut dress, as you don’t want anything to come out of place while you’re enjoying your time on the dance floor.

3. Madame Paulette Stain Remover Kit

On your wedding day a simple drop of champagne or splash of juice can ruin your pristine white dress. To combat any spills or splashes, a professional-quality stain removal kit from the famed New York City dry cleaner is a must-have. Trust us, even your bridesmaids will be looking for this handy essential at some point in the night.

4. Eye Drops

When you’re pulling long nights to get everything prepared for your wedding, it’s no secret that you might wake up morning of with tired, red eyes. The Knot suggests to use a few drops if your eyes are red or tired the day of. Some magazines even suggest use them to emphasize the whites of your eyes and really brighten them up for your big day, but be sure to use a brand you’ve tried out before as no one wants any unwanted reactions.

5. Scissors

Why does it always seem that whenever you need a pair of scissors, they are nowhere to be found? Stop this problem in its tracks, and be sure to include a handy pair of scissors to snip away any unruly or out of place threads.

6. Krazy Glue

Call us crazy, but we’re under the impression that there are very few things that Krazy Glue can’t fix. Whether it’s a broken heel that you need to glue in place or a jewel on your earring that can’t seem to stop falling off, this superstar crafting essential is something you won’t want to forget on your wedding day.

7. Dancin’ Feet Shoe Cushions

After you’ve spent all this time crafting the perfect playlist for your wedding DJ or band, you won’t want to miss out on the fun just because your heels are killing you. This is why we include a pair of Dancin’ Feet Cushions in our wedding emergency kits. Trust us, when you hit dance floor for the 20th time to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” your feet will thank you.

8. Rice Paper Sheets

Even if you had your makeup professionally done, there’s little you can do about that dreaded mid-afternoon oiliness. Our favorites way to banish that forehead glisten and smooth out your complexion is with a swipe of the Palladio Soft Rice Papers. Trust us, these makeup bag essentials will stop shine right in its tracks.

9. Nail Files

Don’t let a broken nail put a damper on your wedding day. Make sure you’re prepared with a few nail files in case of any snagged or unruly nails.

10. Band-Aids

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about band-aids. From paper cuts to blisters, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for any little thing that could happen!

Want to see what else is in our wedding day survival kit for brides? Take a peek at all its big day-saving contents, here

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

When it comes to wedding flowers, 2018 is all about the unexpected. While last year’s focus was on romantic, soft pastels, this year is all about a bold, vibrant color palette and unique flower choices. Whether you’re on the hunt for the next big trend in wedding flowers or just want a few fresh, fun ideas for your wedding, take a look at some of our favorite fresh flower ideas below.

Protea Bouquets

wedding flowers 2018

The incredibly versatile protea flower makes for a gorgeous centerpiece for your bouquet. This flower has over 81 different varieties and the colors vary from yellow to red and everything in between, making it the perfect addition to your bouquet. The protea flower also represents hope and change, making it symbolic to the new adventure you and your partner are about to embark on. We love this beautiful arrangement from Shotgun Floral Studio, which includes peach and yellow garden roses, dahlias, scabiosa, and king protea tied together with a sequined sash.


Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

Move over peonies, dahlias are the new flower of choice! While peonies have long dominated the wedding scene, dahlias are slowly becoming a popular flower for those looking for something fresh and new for their bouquets. Not only are these stunning florals a real eye-catcher, but they also pair really well with other blooms. We love this bouquet from That Flower Shop, which includes light pink dahlias and dark greenery for a moody, cool-girl vibe. Dahlias are also in season from May to November, making it one of the most versatile flowers out there.

Deeper Hues

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

2018 is taking a moodier turn and switching things up from pastels and neutrals to deep burgundies and plums. These darks colors pair especially well with nature-inspired accents like succulents, eucalyptus and dusty millers.

Photo via

Wreaths and Garlands

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

If you take a look at any wedding blog or magazine, you’ll see that wreaths and garlands are making their way onto 2018’s trend list. Circular wreaths are being seen everywhere—including in hanging installations above the alter as well as in centerpieces. They’re even making their way into the bride’s hands as many people are choosing to replace traditional bouquets with wreaths. Garlands are also making a splash this year and being used as statement greenery to bring some color to the day. Whether they’re being used as an accent for the tables, draped over chairs or used in archways, garlands are definitely having a moment in 2018!

Photo via Etsy


Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

While anthuriums are a staple at bohemian and beach weddings, many brides are opting to use them in traditional settings for a modern, contemporary look. Trust us, this statement floral will really make your wedding stand out! Whether they’re used in a bouquet or as a way to add a pop of color to the décor, you can’t go wrong with this tropical flower.

Photo via Pinterest



Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018
Before you close your tab after seeing carnations on our list, give us a chance to explain! This year, floral designers are switching things up and giving carnations a cool-girl spin. Mixing carnations with the right accents will give your wedding bouquet a soft, romantic feel. If you want to go the adventurous route, many floral designers are finding alternate ways to use carnations by dying and spray painting them to give your wedding decorations a creative, artistic vibe.

Photo via DeFiore Photography and Hana Style Designs

How to Set a Proper Dinner Table

Setting a proper dinner table is always one of those adulting tasks that seem far more daunting than it actually is. While you might be stressing out wondering if you need to buy all new china, or where exactly the soup spoons should go, no need to worry. With a few key serving pieces in your arsenal and our setting instructions, you’ll be prepared to host a dinner party in no time!


how to set a proper dinner table

Image via Pinterest



The first step in setting a proper table is having the right china. China is often the centerpiece of your wedding registry, so if you’re married or engaged, you’re likely familiar with adding these pieces to your registry. When it comes to china, you’re either talking about formal or causal dinnerware dishes. Formal or fine china includes bone china and porcelain, whereas casual china is usually earthenware or stoneware and is a less expensive option. Many sources will tell you that couples should buy two sets, one set of formal and one set of casual for everyday use. This really depends on your plans. If you plan on hosting formal dinner parties often, it’s a good idea to invest in some high quality china, whereas if you tend to lean on the more casual side of things and plan on only having friends over for a small gathering every once and awhile, there’s no need to invest in formal china.

Key Pieces:

Place settings usually come in four- or five- piece sets. The four-piece is usually a casual china set and includes a dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, soup/cereal bowl, and mug. The five-piece set, typically for formal china, includes a dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread plate, and a cup and saucer. Some additional serving items you might want to consider are a large and small platter, two to three serving bowls of various sizes, a gravy boat, a cream pitcher and sugar bowl, a teapot, some small serving dishes of various sizes and shapes, soup bowls, and chargers. You’ll also want to make sure you have the appropriate water and wine glasses, as well as flatware to go with your set.

Setting the Table


When it comes to actually setting the table, the dinner plate is positioned in the center of the place setting, with the napkin placed over it. The napkin can actually be placed anywhere in an informal setting, either on the plate, to the left of the plate under the forks, or on its own to the left of the forks. The flatware is arranged around the plate in the order it will be used. Two forks are places to the left of the plate with the small fork on the outside and the dinner fork on the inside. The dinner fork (the larger of the two) is used for the main course, whereas the small fork is used for a salad or appetizer. The dinner knife is placed to the right of the plate, the cutting edge facing inward. Spoons then go to the right of the knife, again following the outwards-in rule by which is used first. If soup is served first, it would be placed outside the dinner knife and the dessert spoon would go to the left of the soup soon. Any drink glasses or stemware should be placed to the right of the setting, above the knife.


For a formal event such as a dinner party or holiday meal, your formal place setting is just the informal place setting taken to the next level. You can decorate the table with floral centerpieces, candles, etc. This is your chance to have fun with it! A few things to remember: no more than 3 of any utensils are to be placed on the table at a time, except when an oyster fork is used in addition to the other three forks. If you are serving more than 3 courses before dessert, the utensils for the fourth are brought in with the food. Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the desert plate before dinner is served as well as the cup and saucer for coffee and tea. Overall, the setting follows the same outside-in order as the informal setting did above. The glasses follow this same order, and the water glass should remain on the table from the beginning to the end, typically placed closest to the plates. The only additional differences are the salad plate atop the dinner plate, the place card addition, and the bread plate and butter knife. 

Happy entertaining!!

A Guide to Registering for Sterling Silver Flatware

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Sterling silver flatware has a classic, timeless appeal that makes it a go-to item for brides to add to their registry. With countless patterns to choose from, you and your future husband will be able to choose a set that fits with your lifestyle. If you’re planning on registering for sterling silver flatware any time soon, read on for some tips on durability, care, and the advantages and disadvantages of adding it to your registry.


Many brides are weary of adding a sterling silver set to their registry because of the high cost. It is much more expensive than stainless steel, with sets running well into the thousands of dollar range. While this may be a costly investment, you have to remember you are paying for the quality. Your set will retain value over the years and is something that can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. You can always build upon your set too, so you might choose to only register for a few pieces and then add to your set later on. If you are missing any pieces either from a set you have been passed down or from your registry, you can purchase replacement pieces through Replacements.com.


While sterling silver flatware is known for its quality, it does tarnish with use. The copper alloy oxidizes over time as it comes in contact with air, sulfur, and water. To counter this, silverware should be immediately washed and dried after use. 


When it comes to caring for your sterling silver flatware, there are a few different options. Sterling silver made after the 1950s is completely dishwasher safe. Although, most experts do advise hand washing and hand drying to retain quality. If you do plan on washing in the dishwasher, it’s best to remove your silver before the drying cycle and dry with a soft, cotton cloth.

The more you use your silverware, the less it will tarnish. The finish on sterling silver actually improves with daily use, unlike many other metals. There are countless sprays, liquids, and pastes out there that you can purchase to help you clean your pieces. Be sure to avoid citrus detergents as these can cause rust spots. If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can also create your own paste by mixing baking soda and water. In addition to cleaning after use, you’ll also want to polish your set once a year, either professionally or with a polish made for sterling silver.


You’ll want to keep your silver in a clean, dry place. For silver you use daily, keep in a lined chest or drawer. If you’re only using your silver periodically, a tarnish preventive bag or chest is recommended.

A Wedding Emergency Kit for the Groom

Why does a groom need an emergency kit?

Well, let’s be honest for a minute: Even though weddings are about a couple being joined together in holy matrimony for the rest of their lives, a lot of the Big Day is focused around the bride. It takes longer for her to get ready, she’s the one everyone oohs and ahhs over when she walks down the aisle, and she probably chose most elements of the reception. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; we’ve found that most grooms are happy to let their leading lady take the spotlight, but at the same time, the groom shouldn’t be relegated to second fiddle, either!

Not only is gifting him with a groom’s emergency kit a great way to ensure that he feels thought of on the wedding day … it’s also a small insurance policy to guarantee the groom has everything he needs on a day when everyone is paying attention to her. It’ll give him peace of mind and the ability to handle anything that comes his way. 

So what’s in the Groom’s Emergency Kit?

It’s basically a selection of everything our founder, Jackier James, most commonly needed during her days as a wedding planner. It covers everything from rehearsal-dinner hangover curing Advil, to a sewing kit, a shoe horn, and more….

Tux-saving Shout® Wipes (2)
Shave Kit with Gilette® Shave Cream
Styptic Pencil for shaving nicks
Hair Comb

Right Guard® deodorant so you never let em see you sweat
Listerine PocketMist® for close encounters

Cavallini & Co. ® file folders
Advil® for splitting headaches (2)

Kodak® camera for photos with your buddies
Mojuba® pen & notepad
Mojuba® pocket-size playing cards for fun

Colgate® toothbrush & toothpaste
Scope® mouthwash

Shoe horn to slip into your new shoes

Shoe shine wipes (2)

La Fresh® hand sanitizer (2)

Carmex® lip balm for kissing
Lint brush
Gilchrist & Sommes® sewing kit

Band-aids® for your aching feet (8)
Sniff® tissues (10)
Pepcid Complete® for a nervous stomach (2)
Eye drops

Of course, we truly hope the groom doesn’t need everything in this kit on his wedding day, and the good news is that what’s left over makes an ideal travel kit for the honeymoon afterwards! 

To shop the groom wedding kit, click here

Fresh Bridal Updos for 2017

If even hearing the term “updo” conjures thoughts of your 16 year old self sporting a French twist on prom night, we’re hear to help you get past that trauma of bad teen hair with a collection of modern, fresh, and downright beautiful bridal updos that are worthy of your wedding day.  

The Braided Updo

Braids have been a big trend in updos over the last few years. We love the texture and playfulness the braids bring, especially when worked into looser, romantic hairstyles like the ones below. 

Image via Hair & Makeup by Steph

Image via Pinterest (Original source unknown)

Image via Hi Miss Puff


The Chignon

A chignon–which is essentially a bun or hairstyle done at the nape of the neck, is a class wedding style, and one that you can guarantee you’ll still love when you look back at your wedding photos three decades from now. The style is incredibly versatile too, so you can customize it to match the formality of your dress or location of your affair. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites from Pinterest, ordered from more structured and formal, to looser and more romantic. 

Image via Etsy

Image via Tulle & Chantilly

Image via Hair & Makeup by Steph

Image via makeuowearables.com

Image via cuteweddingideas.com


The Almost-Up Do

Another big hairstyle that’s gained popularity with brides lately is what we’re calling “The Almost-Up Do.” That’s because it’s not quite an updo since the hair is still left long, but it’s also too structured to simply call this “wearing your hear down.” It’s a beautiful choice for brides who want to show off their long locks, but don’t want to have to worry about curls falling flat, frizz, or taming stray hairs. We love this look for beach or outdoor weddings. 

Image via Astuces de Filles


Image via Luxy Hair

The Twist (& Shout!)

If curls feel a little too prim for your taste, but braids are a bit bohemian, a twisted updo might be your happy medium. Twists are less voluminous than curls, so they feel sleeker and more modern, but they’re also imperfect and spontaneous, which makes the style anything-but-stiff.

Image via Hi Miss Puff

Image via Mane Interest

Which style do you love most? 


7 Things to Consider Before Hosting a Barn Wedding

Photo via The Knot

The mason jars, the breathtaking countryside backdrop, the crisp night air…there’s nothing quite like a beautiful barn wedding to make you nostalgic for the country life. But before you start scouring local barns in your area, make sure to do some research. Oftentimes, there’s more that meets the eye when it comes to hosting a wedding at a barn or other rustic venue. To get you started, here are seven things you need to know before selecting your venue.

There might be Porta-Potties.

The appeal of a barn wedding is its rustic charm, but tbe prepared to deal with “rustic” elements in the not-so-charming sense, too. For example, many traditional barns or farm venues don’t come readily equipped with bathrooms. Fear not, you can rent toilet trailers or porta-potties for your guests (and some of them are pretty luxe, seriously)! Just remember to include this in your budget, as they can get quite costly.

You’ll have to deal with the elements

Just like with any outdoor event, the key is to be prepared for anything. While every bride is sure to cross her fingers and her toes that her wedding day will be sunny and 72 degrees, it’s better to have a plan in case of inclement weather. Wind, rain, mud, heat, and cold are just a few things to have a backup plan for. Also, keep in mind that most barns don’t have heating or air conditioning. If you’re planning a mid-August wedding, be ready to deal with the hot temps, or look into renting fans.

Be prepared to pick out every little detail

Like with any wedding venue that isn’t full-service, you’ll be responsible for extras like tables, chairs, silverware, wine glasses, and even a dance floor.

Get dirty

No we’re not talking about the Christina Aguilera song…we’re talking about your dress. Whether you’re walking through the grounds or dancing on the barn floor, your dress will drag. Many brides avoid this by changing into a shorter dress for the reception or having their seamstress adjust it before, but either way, get ready to embrace the dirt.

Have an early curfew

Many outdoor venues make you shut down shop by 10 pm because of noise regulations, so if you’re thinking of partying all night you might want to rethink your venue. Check with the barn before you book it to see what their regulations are.

Don’t forget about bugs

Nothing can quite kill the romantic vibe like a dozen bug bites. If you’re having a summer wedding be prepared with citronella candles around the perimeter of the barn. We also suggest putting small baskets of bug spray in the bathrooms for your guests, just in case the mosquitoes decide to join the party.

Mind your guest count

Most barns fit a maximum of 150-175 people, so if you’re looking at a guest list of 200+, you might want to choose another venue. Despite their open and airy feel, when you add in a DJ booth, tables, and chairs, you’re looking at a smaller space. Be sure to check the barn’s space requirements first.

5 New Year’s Resolutions All Brides Should Make

I’m sure you’ve uttered the phrase, “new year, new me” at some point in the past few weeks. But have you applied this new philosophy to your wedding planning? For all brides getting married in the next year, we want you to make a few New Years resolutions. Be warned though, these aren’t the kind of resolutions that you can break in the first few days! So grab your planning notebook and take these to heart.

Wedding Day

Image via Huffington Post

1. Enjoy the process
Believe us, it will go by SO fast (emphasis on the “SO.”) One thing we hear a lot are brides who wish that they had taken a step back and enjoyed the planning process a little more. Remember, you’re engaged! Bask in your pre-marital bliss for as long as possible, and remember amid all of the prepping and planning, that you’re getting married to the love of your life!

2. Accept your body for what it is
Now that you have your dream dress, it’s easy to get wrapped up in achieving your “dream body” to go along with it. While there’s no shortage of wedding bootcamps and wedding diets out there, don’t go crazy with them! In the chance of sounding like your mother here, it’s not worth it to go on a crazy crash diet just to fit into your wedding dress. Accept your body for what it is, and find a balance between eating healthy and treating yourself every once and awhile. 

3. Keep a journal of your planning process – you forget the details!
One day you’re going to look back on this process through rose colored glasses and you’re going to want to remember how many cakes you tried before choosing the red velvet or how many dresses you tried on before choosing the one. What better way to document all of the details than with a wedding diary? Write down everything, big or little, so that in a year (or ten!) from now you can look back and remember all of the fun you had.

4. Prioritize time with your significant other during the planning craziness
It’s no secret that a lot of significant others aren’t huge fans of the wedding planning process. Instead of taking on everything yourself, make sure you’re including them as well. While some significant others might not want to help you choose the napkins for the head table, they might love to be a part of the cake tasting. If your significant other wants little to do with the wedding, make sure you’re scheduling in date nights where wedding planning is off the agenda, so you two can spend time together.

5. Don’t stress on the big day: Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit from Mojuba
After all of this planning and prepping, don’t leave anything to chance on your wedding day. With your Mojuba wedding day emergency kit, you’ll have everything you need to get hitched, without a hitch, all conveniently located in one stylish place. Basically it’s your modern day fairy godmother with a strap! From deodorant, to tissues, to scissors for unruly threads, this kit has it all!

7 Essential Wedding Planning Apps for Brides

It’s almost 2017, so put down your notebooks and checklists and take your wedding planning to your phone. With all of the technology out there, you better believe that wedding experts have created some pretty amazing apps to help you through your planning process. From hiring a wedding planner, to digital checklists, to booking your hair and beauty services, here are a few of our best-kept secrets (aka favorite digital tools) to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.


  1. Wedding Planner by The Knot
    Think of The Knot’s apps as a mini-wedding planner in your purse! Keep yourself sane with their wedding checklist, find a vendor from their list of over 250,000 merchants, schedule a venue tour directly from their app, and browse endless inspiration photos to help inspire your perfect day.
    wedding planning apps
  2. Zola
    Why limit your wedding registry to two or three stores when you can fill it with literally anything that catches your eye? With Zola you can create your registry on your iPhone or iPad and customize it to your liking. If you’re out shopping and see something you like, just scan its barcode to add it. You can also add “experiences” so your guests can choose a service like Blue Apron or a wine membership instead of purchasing a household item.
  3. Wedding Wire
    This app will keep you on track for your wedding. It’s basically your mom and dream personal assistant in app form (minus all the nagging). It has built in tasks like “find your wedding cake maker” and “book your invitations vendor” to help remind you as each deadline is approaching. It also allows you to sync events and contacts with your phone’s calendar and address book.
    wedding planning apps
  4. Joy
    Joy is one of the top-rated apps out there. You can start from the very beginning by creating your wedding website on Joy. Next, you can manage your RSVP’s directly from the app, so no need to worry about whether cousin Jim said yes or no. Joy also acts as a social network allowing your wedding party to e-meet beforehand, which is great for out-of-towners. Lastly, guests can upload photos directly to the app, so no more combing through your wedding hashtag for the best pics!
    wedding planning apps
  5. Loverly Virtual Wedding Planner
    It’s no secret that sometimes you need a little help from the professionals, especially when it comes to wedding planning. Although we love all of the advice we get from our friends and relatives, some things are best left to the experts, which is where Loverly comes in. You can chat for free with a wedding expert or choose a wedding planning package. You can also browse through advice on budget planning, registry set up, and tailor recommendations from their wedding concierge.
    wedding planning apps
  6. Stylisted 
    Instead of stressing about your hair, makeup, or nails for your wedding, download Stylisted. You can browse through hundreds of stylists’ profiles for photos of their work, prices, and recommendations from other users. And the best part is that they come to you, so no need to worry about getting ready at a salon. You can also book waxing and spray tans through the app, but we suggest doing this before your wedding day…just in case.
    wedding planning apps
  1. Honeyfund
    Creating a honeymoon registry is more popular than ever. What better way to share the love than by having your guests contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams instead of taking part in a typical registry? They will be able to give you experiences and memories instead of trinkets or housewares.
    wedding planning apps

Happy Planning!!

*All images via respective apps.