Happy Memorial Day

Dreaming of the three day weekend that is quickly approaching? Wanting to sneak out even earlier on Friday to get a jump start on the holiday weekend? For many of us Memorial Day means school is out and summer is in and we get to spend the day with family, friends and no work! But, before you head out to your BBQ we need to remember what Memorial Day is all about – remembering those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice to allow each and every one of us to have the freedom to spend our days as we want with the ones we love most.
Being in the wedding industry and loving all things “wedding” we know how special weddings are and Military weddings really touch our heart. There is something so touching about witnessing two people in love who will sacrifice precious time together as one or both serves our country. So, in a tribute to all those in the Armed Forces, we thought it would be perfect to share some of our most fav photos from military weddings/engagements – a day when those who serve get to spend time with the ones they love most, as we will be doing this Memorial Day.



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