Let Your Light Shine

When you’re getting ready, and you catch yourself looking good, you HAVE to snap that selfie. You know the best selfie requires the perfect lighting, right? Well the same goes at the wedding. The perfect lighting sets the mood, ties in your theme, and creates a romantic and intimate setting. And if it just so happens to make all your insta pics flawless, we know you won’t be mad.

We find that when discussing decor, the mention of lighting is hardly ever a major topic. But move over 2015 wedding trends because it’s 2016 and wedding lighting has “lit up”.


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Worried about that lighting showing off your shine since you have been dancing all night? Spilled a bit of wine on the dress and wish it was darker so no one could see? Have your lighting and peace of mind…our Mojuba Wedding day emergency kits are full of amazing products and you won’t even need a filter!

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