So. Many. Colors.

Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV hit show, Fixer Upper, have their own paint collection that they introduced to the world a few months ago.  (And thank you Chip + Joanna!)

fixer upper's chip and joanna gaines

The new paint collection, Magnolia Home is a premium paint collection for interior and they even have furniture and cabinetry paint. (Say what?!)

Joanna Gaines paint collection - paint brushes with colors image

Now Chip + Joanna Gaines announced that they have 125 NEW SHADES!


Check out some of their new paint colors…

                                  2016-09-27-52016-09-27-4 2016-09-27-3                                                                      2016-09-27-2 2016-09-27-1

Shop their new shades. 

You won’t be disappointed, they have.. So. Many. Colors.

Joanna Gaines paint collection - now available at magnolia market image

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