Bride & Groom Mini Wedding Emergency Kits




The Bride and Groom Mini-Bag Wedding Survival Set is made up of essential last-minute items that are always good to have on hand for the big day. While it doesn’t cover a full array of potential mishaps like the Bride and Groom Emergency Kits, this wedding survival set will come to the aid of the bride and groom as well as their wedding party more times than you could imagine. Also available in white and black.

Product Details

What’s in the Bride’s Wedding Survival Set Mini-Bag?

La Fresh® Makeup Remover (2)
Bandaids® (8)
Hottie® Mints
Palladio® Rice Paper (40 sheets)
Dental Kit

Nail Files (12)

Advil® (1)
Pepcid® (1)
Gilchrist and Soames® Sewing Kit
Madame Paulette® Stain Remover Kit

What’s in the Groom’s Wedding Survival Set Mini-Bag?

La Fresh® shoe shine wipes (2)

La Fresh® hand sanitizer wipe (2)

Colgate® toothbrush & toothpaste

Carmex® lip balm for kissing

Band-aids® for your aching feet (8)

Scope® mouthwash

Right Guard® deodorant so you never let ‘em see you sweat

Hair Comb

Tux-saving Shout® Wipes (2)

Shave Kit with Gilette® Shave Cream

Styptic Pencil for shaving knicks

Advil® for splitting headaches (1)

Additional information

Bride Mini-Bag Color

Light Pink, White, Hot Pink, Brown

Groom Mini-Bag Interior

Lime Green, Tangerine


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