Jackie’s Story

Mojuba was founded in 2008 by Jackie James, an adventurous entrepreneur and event planner. Jackie worked for 20 years planning and executing sensational weddings and events, becoming a treasure for her clients. Jackie was able to design events helping to create vision for her clients, anticipate and fix problems and make sure every moment went off without a hitch. Each wedding and event brought its own inspiration, challenges, and rewards.

After those 20 wonderful but hectic years, Jackie decided it was time for a new adventure in her life. Jackie’s pivotal “Ok, I’m going for it!” moment came from her late brother-in-law. He inspired her to take her passion and problem-solving skills and turn them into something of her own-something that would take her vast experience and creativity to the next level.

Jackie often saw new inventions or concepts and would say, “I thought of that years ago!” Her brother-in-law would counter playfully, “But you didn’t DO it.” He was South African and as a tribute and thanks to him for his inspiration, Jackie discovered the word “Mojuba,” which in some African cultures refers to a bag of magical items that bring joy and happiness, and a prayer of praise and tribute. With this inspiration, Jackie’s business began to fully take shape.

So, as much as she loved doing events themselves, she decided to start a business offering couples a wedding gift that they don’t always receive for their big day – peace of mind! These wedding emergency kits provide the ultimate insurance policy, providing for any and every imaginable mishap that might occur at a wedding. Having a button fall off the groom’s tux might not seem like a big deal, but it certainly can become one if you have no way to fix it. Your Mojuba bag to the rescue!