How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Venue Search

wedding venue search

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Forget banquet halls, when you start envisioning your dream wedding location images of Tuscan vineyards and snowy alpine landscapes start to race through your head. While these locations are definitely #goals, we’re here to help reel you in (a bit) so you can find the perfect wedding venue location for your budget, family size and style!


First and foremost, start to brainstorm all of the places that mean something to you and your future spouse. Do you both love the beach? Did you meet on a ski trip? Do you spend every summer at the same vacation spot? Once you ask yourself these questions, it may be easier to narrow down an area to start your search in. Remember, if your location holds a special significance in both of your hearts, you’ll already be one step ahead of the game.


Another important factor to consider is style. Today’s weddings are all about personality and creativity…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for you to call the shots. Consider your personal style (not your mother-in-laws or your best friends). Are you a bit more casual or do you veer on the formal side, and do you want that to reflect in your wedding venue? Just because you’re a classic city couple doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful country wedding or vice versa. Once you decide on the type of wedding and the theme you want to stick with, everything else will fall into place.


It’s no secret that we’re all about ease. With everything right at your fingertips nowadays, it’s no surprise that you’d want that to carry over to your wedding day. A lot of wedding venues will come with a day planner or a caterer, and this can make a huge difference in your planning. When you’re trying to coordinate a 300+ guest list, having a built-in party planner is definitely a make or break addition. When you’re touring wedding venues, be sure to ask what the venues comes with or if they have any vendors that they work specifically with. 


Travel plans can make or break a wedding, so this is one of the more important factors you’ll have to consider. Whether you’re looking to get married in your hometown or your fiancé’s…or maybe you want to switch it up and do a destination wedding, you’ll want to consider the ease of the location. Is it easy to get to? Are there nearby hotels that will accommodate all of your guests? Is there Uber or public transit? If your location is remote, consider how your guests will get to and from the venue. Remember, there are always options like buses or something a little chicer like horse-drawn carriages, to take your guests to and from their hotel or to the reception.


Weather is every girl’s kryptonite the day of her wedding. Whether you’re planning an indoor or an outdoor wedding, no one wants a thunderstorm or a snowstorm to hinder his or her dream day. While you may not be able to control Mother Nature (if only), you can get an idea of the typical weather in the month and location of where you’re getting married. If it’s a summer wedding, will your venue have air-conditioning? There’s nothing worse than your guests sweating in 90-degree heat because the outdoor barn doesn’t have air conditioning. If you’re dying for an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider a spring or fall wedding to bypass any heat waves. 

Photo Opps

You’ll have and cherish your wedding photos forever, so when scouting venues make sure that you can take nice photos at the venue and that the backdrop is something you’re on board with. When touring a venue, be sure to ask where the best place to take photos is. 


So you’ve decided to get married in a historic church in your hometown, but they only hold 100 guests and your guest list is looking closer to 200. Before you start touring or brainstorming any venue locations, you’ll want to have a rough estimate of your wedding guest list. After all, there’s nothing that will create chaos faster than having to fight over seats at a wedding, trust us!

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