Chic Centerpiece Ideas for a Fall Wedding That Aren’t at All Kitschy

When you envision fall weddings, centerpieces filled with yellow foliage and orange pumpkins no doubt pop into your mind. While you may love these fall accessories to decorate your home, they don’t always go along with your wedding theme. If you’re planning a fall wedding, here are a few centerpiece ideas that aren’t at all kitschy.

1. Accentuate with Kale

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Yes, we really did mean to type kale. While you might dread this vegetable in your salad, it makes for a beautiful centerpiece. Flowering kale is actually quite common in wedding bouquets and centerpieces and we love how it contrasts against the purple flowers and various greenery. Women are even using kale in their wedding bouquets, so you could always consider incorporating it into different aspects of your big day.  

2. Brighten up with Fall Oranges

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We get it; you’re probably skeptical about adding orange into your wedding colors. After all, that’s why you’re staying away from any kitschy orange leaves. A classy way to bring this color into your centerpiece is with this tangerine rose and branch combo in a wine glass. We love how the greens and dark branches contrast with the orange, giving you an elegant nod to the season without being too over the top.

3. Opt for Greenery

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to decorate their wedding tables with foliage instead of a big floral arrangement. For a fall wedding especially, what better way to get rustic than with greens. We love this fern and fig arrangement from The Merrythought. The dark hues of the ferns and figs against the stark white tablecloth really help to make the table pop. The differentiation in the mason jars and vases really adds to the rustic vibe as well.

4. Lantern & Eucalyptus

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While we’re on the subject of greenery, why not incorporate a bit of a rustic vibe with this eucalyptus and lantern combo. The lantern adds a vintage feel and the dark green of the eucalyptus really helps to balance out the lighter hues. (Plus this color combo will go really well with your silver or gold flatware!)

5. Get Woodsy

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Channel your inner country girl and start to get creative with nature. Fall is all about embracing your surroundings and what better way to do that than with this beautiful tree stump centerpiece. Instead of your typical vase, arrange your florals inside of a piece of wood. This is a great DIY project for you and your bridesmaids if you’re looking to get creative. You can even incorporate wood into other places in your wedding as many people are using wooden slabs as their cake stands too. 

6. Deep Purple

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When the weather turns a bit colder, so does your color palette. This is why we love deep purple and burgundy florals to accent your wedding tables. This color combo really brings out a harvest feel and combined with wood and gold accents, it’s sure to make your table pop.

7. Opt for a Wheat Centerpiece

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Don’t worry we’re not going full farm girl on you here… but if you’re sticking to a neutral color palette, we love this wheat centerpiece design. The browns and tans go well with a rustic table and the bronze ribbon really helps to tie (see what we did there) the colors together. It’s a simple way to save money and go along with your fall/rustic theme.


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