Groomsmen Gift Ideas He’ll Actually Use

There are only a few things that groomsmen care about when it comes to weddings. The first is the bachelor party and the second is the groomsmen gift. The actual wedding makes the list too, of course, but let’s face it, your best buddies are really there to give you a wedding neither you nor they will forget any time soon! This is why it’s extra important to get them a groomsmen gift that they’ll actually like and use. Chances are they have enough beer koozies and personalized mugs from past weddings to last them a lifetime, so use this chance to think outside of the box and get them something a bit different.

Mojuba Mini Groom Bags

Mojuba mini groom bags aren’t just meant for the groom, they also make a great gift for your groomsmen as well. We know that your groomsmen take their grooming routine very seriously, and the last thing they want is a five o’clock shadow creeping in on the wedding photos or a case of bad breath ruining their chances at a dance with one of the bridesmaids. This is where this kit will seriously come in handy. If they don’t use the entire kit the day of the wedding, they can also use it as a Dopp kit after the wedding day.

Personalized Travel Bag

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groomsmen gift ideas

A monogrammed duffel, overnight bag or suitcase is one of our favorite groomsmen gift options. Not only is it a practical gift for them to use when they travel (hello, bachelor party), but it’s also something they’ll have and use for a long time.

A Monogrammed Cooler

groomsmen gift ideas

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Upgrade your buddies’ cooler with a monogrammed one that he can take with him on fishing outings, camping trips or just kicking back with the boys after work. There are tons of personalized options on Etsy or Wayfair that you can easily order and have delivered in a few days (if you’re on a time crunch).

Yeti Tumbler

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There’s no doubt about it, tumblers are the most practical gift around! Whether your groomsmen is a coffee drinker or not, everyone can use a good tumbler. This stainless steal, double-wall vacuum insulated Yeti tumbler is the best ones on the market—and we know your groomsmen deserves only the best!

A Professional Shave 

While your bride-to-be gets her hair done at the salon with her bridesmaids, treat your groomsmen to a professional shave at an old-school barber. Not only is the experience something they won’t soon forget, but it’s also a great time to relax and get out any pre-wedding jitters. Plus, your whole wedding party will show up to the wedding sharp as can be.

Fancy Dress Socks

groomsmen gift ideas

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We know that fancy dress socks are right up there with that pack of Hanes socks that your grandmother religiously gets you for Christmas each year, but trust us on this one. Pick out a nice pair for your groomsmen to all wear to your wedding. Make sure the design is one they’ll wear again, so they can get more than one use out of it. You can even tailor them to your groomsmen’s personality. You can also forgo the sock choosing and get them a subscription to a sock-of-the-month club. Men’s Health even picked out the 6 best ones, to save you the extra effort of searching for a legit one.

Their Favorite Beer or Beverage

When in doubt, a pack of their favorite beer or beverage is a gift that you can never go wrong with! 

The Top Wedding Color Trends for 2018

Looking for a pop of color to add to your big day? We’ve broken down 2018’s top color trends with inspirational details for each. After all, we know that choosing the right colors for your big day is a tough decision, so we did all the hard work for you. Just call us your color gurus! Take a look at 2018’s on-trend hues, and get ready for some major inspiration to come your way. 

Dusty Rose & Green

We’ve already toted our love for all things dusty rose this year, and this time is no different. To offset this pink hue, we love it paired with pops of green. Whether this lends itself to succulents in your bouquet, eucalyptus in your centerpieces or scattered greenery around your venue, the sky is the limit with this romantic combo. Plus this color combination is great for outdoor weddings as it really helps you to take inspiration from the natural elements around you (all you forest wedding gals out there, we’re looking at you)!

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Ultra Violet

Pantone named ultra violet its 2018 Color of the Year, and of course wedding experts couldn’t wait to incorporate this color into this year’s ceremonies. This magical hue is definitely one way to really add a pop of color to your big day. We love the idea of a watercolor wedding invitation too, as the purple really helps the stationary to pop. You may also want to consider adding florals like stunning lilacs and deep purple roses to your bouquet and centerpieces. It’s also a great color for fall, so any September through November wedding gals, this one is for you!

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Black, White & Gold

While dusty rose will give your wedding a romantic, whimsical feel and ultra violet will give it an exciting pop, black, white and gold on the other hand will help your wedding take a turn for the glamorous. Channel some major Old Hollywood vibes with this decadent combination. From sleek black bridesmaid dresses to beautiful champagne colored accents, every little detail counts with this color trend. Plus this is a great opportunity to really go all out on your desserts and drinks. Champagne fountains anyone? In addition to the décor, a lot of brides going this route have extended this color palette to their guests, noting in the invitation the preferred attire colors!

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Burgundy & Navy

Take a turn for the dark side with this next color combination. This year we’re all about burgundy and navy. These deep colors will certainly make your wedding pop. If you’re worried that they are a little too dark for your spring wedding, fear not experts say these colors can work any season! Whether you choose burgundy bridesmaid dresses, have the groomsmen dress in navy suits, or have some fun navy heels be your “something blue”, this color combination will sure to be a crowd favorite. Plus, this unexpected pairing makes for a beautiful bouquet, so get ready to start pinning some amazing floral arrangements to your Pinterest boards. 

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Wedding Trends: What’s in for 2017

A row of mason jars and a burlap runner no longer a stylish wedding make. This year it’s all about touches of the unexpected—we’re talking unique florals, mixed metallics, and nontraditional venue choices.

1. Unique Venues

Vintage glamour is the theme this year and it’s all about mixing old and new. More and more brides are opting out of a traditional banquet hall setting and are taking their ceremonies to industrial warehouses or rustic barns. With the right décor, these venues can be the perfect setting for your big day.

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2. Unexpected Florals

Florists have seen an increasing number of brides asking for locally grown, garden-inspired, seasonal blooms. Think cascading bouquets with a sophisticated twist. Following along on the natural route, branches, leaves, and vines are also making their way into weddings in the form of wreaths and garlands.

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3. Mixed Metallics

From metal-rimmed glassware, to brass candleholders, to foil stamping on the invitations, mixed metals are key to lending a casual feel to even the most formal weddings this year. Copper, rose gold, and pewter are wedding favorites because of their versatility. If you really love this trend, most bridesmaid dresses are now available in metallic colors, so you can base your color scheme around this trend!

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4. Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses have gained momentum in the past few years, and are a stylish and modern way to add color and depth to your wedding palette. Each member of your bridal party is sure to have a different personality and a different sense of style, so why not let them show it off with their dress. This is also a great option if your bridal party is spread out across the country, as it is easier for them to pick a dress in the same hue than it is to make a separate trip out for a group shopping trip.

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5. Destination Weddings

While there’s always something to be said about a tropical destination wedding in Mexico or Hawaii, this year destination weddings are said to take a turn to unexpected destinations. Places like Iceland, Canada, and Italy are key locations for couples looking for a bit of adventure.

Image via Brides Without Borders

6. Tiered Cakes

If you’ve been to a wedding in the past few years, no doubt you’ve seen a shift in the desert options. Doughnuts and cupcakes have replaced your traditional tiered cakes, as brides embraced these bakery options. But if you’re a fan of keeping with tradition, fear not! This year tiered cakes are back in style, as brides are making this classic cake option in vogue again.

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We GOT Your Wedding Theme

It’s wedding season! But it’s also the saddest time of the year right now. Why, you ask? Game of Thrones is over for the season has officially begun. We feel your heartbreak. No more of the beautiful Jon Snow or the even more beautiful clothes that Daenerys garbs (can that please be the next big fashion trend?!) until next year. Maybe rewatching the seasons or finally reading the books can fill your time until April (can it be April already) but we have the best solution to curb your GOT hunger. A GOT themed wedding. Now before you think we are crazy, imagine the gold details, the Khaleesi hairstyles and romantic wedding pictures in the snow. This can be done so tastefully that your guests might not even know that your wedding was anything but gorgeous themed! So let wedding planning fill the void of our closest friends who we miss on this side of the wall. And here’s to hoping the groom looks a little like Jon Snow.

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Take It Off…The Shoulder!

Fashion and weddings… these are a few of our favorite things (you know the song). And when these two join up together it’s the PERFECT marriage. The wedding dress: the biggest clothing purchase a women will make. So clearly it’s kind of a big huge deal. So when we get to talk wedding dresses and hot fashion trends we are happy, happy, happy. Our fav summer fashion trend is heating up and it’s all up in the wedding dress world!

There is something so classy and sexy about showing a little shoulder. So go ahead and take it off… the shoulder and follow along for a lil fashion inspo. Now go ahead and be a show off! 😉







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Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

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Happy Memorial Day

Dreaming of the three day weekend that is quickly approaching? Wanting to sneak out even earlier on Friday to get a jump start on the holiday weekend? For many of us Memorial Day means school is out and summer is in and we get to spend the day with family, friends and no work! But, before you head out to your BBQ we need to remember what Memorial Day is all about – remembering those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice to allow each and every one of us to have the freedom to spend our days as we want with the ones we love most.
Being in the wedding industry and loving all things “wedding” we know how special weddings are and Military weddings really touch our heart. There is something so touching about witnessing two people in love who will sacrifice precious time together as one or both serves our country. So, in a tribute to all those in the Armed Forces, we thought it would be perfect to share some of our most fav photos from military weddings/engagements – a day when those who serve get to spend time with the ones they love most, as we will be doing this Memorial Day.



military 2



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Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

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Build Your Love…with Legos!

We here at Mojuba were happy excited beyond belief when Legos made their way back up the popularity poll. Those tiny little yellow heads are just the cutest things (besides puppies, puppies always win). And we became even more excited when Legos came over into our world, the wedding world. With so many different Lego characters, shapes and colors, there is no shortage of how to incorporate these lil guys into the big day. And there is a good chance you will score some bonus points with the kids and the groom, they might just consider you the coolest bride ever.

So break out the old childhood toys and get to building! Legos and wedding decor– they fit together.

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Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

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Let Your Light Shine

When you’re getting ready, and you catch yourself looking good, you HAVE to snap that selfie. You know the best selfie requires the perfect lighting, right? Well the same goes at the wedding. The perfect lighting sets the mood, ties in your theme, and creates a romantic and intimate setting. And if it just so happens to make all your insta pics flawless, we know you won’t be mad.

We find that when discussing decor, the mention of lighting is hardly ever a major topic. But move over 2015 wedding trends because it’s 2016 and wedding lighting has “lit up”.


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Worried about that lighting showing off your shine since you have been dancing all night? Spilled a bit of wine on the dress and wish it was darker so no one could see? Have your lighting and peace of mind…our Mojuba Wedding day emergency kits are full of amazing products and you won’t even need a filter!

#nofilter #flawless

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Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

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Celebrate Earth Day w/ an Eco-Friendly Wedding!

It’s Earth Day! To celebrate this pretty darn amazing planet we get to call home (as opposed to say, Venus with its sulfuric acid and such – perhaps that’s why all us chicks peaced outta there and relocated to Mother Earth), I thought it would be the perf time to share some tips for throwing yourself a green wedding. The best part about these simple to use eco-conscious ideas is that you don’t have to be a hippy-dippy type or have a green thumb to pull off a green wedding. It’s all about your choices, whether you’re going for that all natural boho-chic style or you prefer your wedding served on a more elegant and formal platter. So in the spirit of all things Earthy, here are some of my fabulously green wedding faves:

  • Email invites for weddings are a big no-no, but you can still make an eco-friendly invitation choice by going with Botanical Paper Works seed paper, which is a special paper embedded with seeds and super cute! And after the wedding you can tell your guest to just plant in some soil, give plenty of sun and water, and watch colorful wildflowers grow! So cool!

eco wedding invitation - botanical paper works

  • Choose organic fabrics such as silks, cotton or linen for your entire wedding party’s attire. You can even find eco-friendly vegan wedding shoes that are super cute for some green tootsies.

eco-friendly wedding shoes

  • Have you noticed that rustic weddings are all the rage, and the burlap has become the it-fabric of this charming outdoorsy trend? Well look at you, already using an eco-friendly fabric in your decor! Fancy it up with some eco-friendly lace or use twine for a more down-home country feel.

burlap and lace wedding

  • Cut flowers may be the bees knees when it comes to weddings, but if you want to show the Earth a bit more love, go with an eco-friendly option like succulents that will also have themselves a happily ever after post-wedding day. Another eco-friendly choice is to choose potted blooms, plants or topiaries as centerpieces. This way, you can take them home and replant them after the wedding.

succulent weddingeco friendly wedding single topiary in pot


  • Did you realize that your Mojuba Bag is eco-friendly?  You can use the Mojuba bags over and over, as makeup bags to throw in your purse for future occasions or use your larger Mojuba Bag as a fab toiletry bag for your honeymoon or other adventures!

Mojuba Bride bag

These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to green wedding choices…an iceberg that will melt away if we don’t start doing our part to help our home! Will you be tying the eco-friendly knot soon? Share your top green picks in the comments below!



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Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding.  After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all.  Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

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