A Wedding Emergency Kit for the Groom

Why does a groom need an emergency kit?

Well, let’s be honest for a minute: Even though weddings are about a couple being joined together in holy matrimony for the rest of their lives, a lot of the Big Day is focused around the bride. It takes longer for her to get ready, she’s the one everyone oohs and ahhs over when she walks down the aisle, and she probably chose most elements of the reception. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; we’ve found that most grooms are happy to let their leading lady take the spotlight, but at the same time, the groom shouldn’t be relegated to second fiddle, either!

Not only is gifting him with a groom’s emergency kit a great way to ensure that he feels thought of on the wedding day … it’s also a small insurance policy to guarantee the groom has everything he needs on a day when everyone is paying attention to her. It’ll give him peace of mind and the ability to handle anything that comes his way. 

So what’s in the Groom’s Emergency Kit?

It’s basically a selection of everything our founder, Jackier James, most commonly needed during her days as a wedding planner. It covers everything from rehearsal-dinner hangover curing Advil, to a sewing kit, a shoe horn, and more….

Tux-saving Shout® Wipes (2)
Shave Kit with Gilette® Shave Cream
Styptic Pencil for shaving nicks
Hair Comb

Right Guard® deodorant so you never let em see you sweat
Listerine PocketMist® for close encounters

Cavallini & Co. ® file folders
Advil® for splitting headaches (2)

Kodak® camera for photos with your buddies
Mojuba® pen & notepad
Mojuba® pocket-size playing cards for fun

Colgate® toothbrush & toothpaste
Scope® mouthwash

Shoe horn to slip into your new shoes

Shoe shine wipes (2)

La Fresh® hand sanitizer (2)

Carmex® lip balm for kissing
Lint brush
Gilchrist & Sommes® sewing kit

Band-aids® for your aching feet (8)
Sniff® tissues (10)
Pepcid Complete® for a nervous stomach (2)
Eye drops

Of course, we truly hope the groom doesn’t need everything in this kit on his wedding day, and the good news is that what’s left over makes an ideal travel kit for the honeymoon afterwards! 

To shop the groom wedding kit, click here

12 Stylish Bridal Shower Invitations You Can Order Online

Hosting a bridal shower? Once you pick a date and lock down a venue, it’s time to send out the invitations. The invites may seem like a minor detail in the planning process, but don’t give in to the temptation to overlook them. Invitations are the first impression guests will have of the event before the date of the shower. The version you choose will send subtle clues about the formality and style of the affair. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options (you could argue maybe too many) for stylish bridal shower invitations these days, all of which can be ordered online through sites like Minted, Etsy, and TinyPrints. Here are a few of our favorites:

For a Bridal Brunch

Minted Blushing Brunch

TinyPrints: Bridal Florals Linen

Etsy, Bridal Shower Invitation by Design on Paper

For a Co-Ed Couples Shower

Minted, I Do Brew

Clean Cut, Minted

For an Evening Affair

TinyPrints Bridal Lights in Slate

TinyPrints Simply Mrs. in Slate

Minted, Engraved floral invitation

For a Casual Gathering

Minted, Summer Sippin’

Etsy, Bridal Shower Invitation by Paper Heart Company 

For a Vineyard Party

Minted, Winery

Etsy, Bridal Shower Invitation by Noted Occasions 

Happy hostessing, and don’t forget to surprise the bride with a Mojuba Emergency Kit for the big day!

Modern Wedding Registry Ideas We Love

In the beginning, the wedding registry was a way for new couples to start their married (and cohabitating) lives together on a well-stocked foot. After their bridal shower, they’d have all of the crystal and china they’d need to host years of family holidays, brand new linens for the bed they’d start sharing, and lots of bakeware and gadgets for the wife to put to good use in the kitchen.

It’s not hard to see why the traditional registry concept is now a bit outdated. More couples are living together before marriage (and thus have all the plates and serving bowls they need already), and gender roles are changing, meaning there are plenty of women out there that have absolutely zero use or desire for a KitchenAid mixer. 

The good news is that the modern wedding registry is changing, and fast. More couples are forgoing lists of housewares and linens and asking for things they need and want more than new towels. If you’re one of these couples, here are a few modern registry ideas we think you’ll love.

modern wedding registry ideas - travel registry

Take the honeymoon of your dreams with a travel registry! Image via TheKnot.com

Zola.com, the registry for anything and everything 

If you and your sweetie have plans to buy your first place and really need a new sofa, but you also would love it if family and friends could chip in for your honeymoon, Zola is the registry for you. The site lets you put literally anything on your registry, from furniture to experiences to money. It also has a group gifting option which makes it easy for guests to go in on one big gift together. One of our favorite ideas? Add a Mojuba wedding emergency kit to your registry to make sure you’re covered on the big day!

Traveler’s Joy, the registry for your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime reason to go anywhere and do anything you want…as long as you can afford it. Traveler’s Joy helps take care of the latter, allowing guests to chip in for almost any and every part of your trip. 

Feather the Nest

Saving up for a house? Renovating your dream home together? Need a new kitchen before you can fill it cooking gadgets? Feather the Nest can help. The sit allows you to set up your real estate goal or project and lets friends and family contribute. 

A Charity Registry

Already have everything you could ever need? Instead of gathering gifts you may or may not use, why not put the generosity of your guests to good use with a charity registry? There are lots to choose from, including The Good Beginning and ZankYou

Heard of any other great modern registry ideas? Tell us about ’em in the comments section!

6 Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is it us, or do bachelorette parties all seem to blend together after a while in a cloud of tequila shots and shiny plastic beads? Whether you’re feeling burned out by all of the bachelorettes you’ve spent in Vegas or Miami, you want to keep your party local, or you’re just not the going-out type and want something more relaxing, here are six alternate bachelorette party ideas to consider. 

1. Gone Glamping.

A rental tipi from Glamping.com

If your girl group is up for an adventure, glamping could be your ultimate bachelorette getaway. The key to making it more relaxing than rustic: book a house or cabin on a lake or in the mountains, or visit a resort that caters to upscale camping with well-appointed yurts and lodges designed to bring the glamour. GlampingHub.com or Glamping.com are great resources for locations around the U.S., including pop-up glamping services, like tricked out Tipis that can be set up almost anywhere. 

2. Plan a Spa-Ahhh Day.

The Lake Austin Spa, image via property

If your perfect bachelorette is one that’s completely stress free, consider renting out a local spa for a day with friends. Feel like getting away? Consider a destination spa like Canyon Ranch in Arizona or The Lake Austin Spa in Texas. Either way, start your morning with coffee and an invigorating workout or hike, then move onto massages, a spa lunch, and finish out the day with mani-pedis. Spend the evenings relaxing in the hot tub or visit a town nearby.

3. Head for the Hills.

Planning a winter bachelorette? Forget the traditional warm-weather locales and book a ski-vacation. There are few things more rewarding than a glass of wine after a day on the slopes. Don’t ski? Try showshoeing or snowmobiling instead, then head to the apres-ski watering holes anyway! 

4. Take a Staycation.

A room at the Langham Hotel Chicago. Image via property.

For those whose bridal parties might not be able to fly for a bachelorette because of the cost, pregnancy, or simple preference, why not take a staycation? Booking a suite at even the nicest hotel in the nearest big city is likely to cost a lot when split among a group than eight plane tickets, and it will still feel special. Stay for the weekend, and make the first night Champagne and room-service-infused slumber party, and plan a night on the town for night two. 

5. House-Swap.

Party at your house! Image via Airbnb

Does one member of your bridal party live in a different city than the rest? Ask her if she’d be willing to play hostess for a weekend! You’ll save on lodging costs and have a built-in tour guide than can point your group in the direction of the best nightlife, restaurants, and attractions in the area.

6. Take a Wine Tour.

Chateau Ste Michele in Washington State, Image via the winery

Gather your group of winos and head to wine country. Most regions of the country have their own little version of Napa, whether you live in the Midwest (head to Michigan), the Northwest (Washington State has beautiful vineyards), East Coast (check out the Connecticut wine trail), or South (the Georgia Wine Highway and Texas Hill Country are both popular). Hire a tour bus to take you to three or four vineyards, then spend the night at a local B&B. 

Bridal Bouquet Style Guide

Like any detail in wedding planning, when it comes to choosing a bouquet style, you have to go with what feels natural to you, and well as what is best suited for the overall scheme and style of your wedding. From formal to flowing, bold to bohemian, here is our quick guide to bridal bouquet styles and what they say about your affair.


Image via Belle the Magazine

Image via Brides.com

The look: Glamorous and romantic.
Best for: Outdoor weddings, beach weddings.
A cascading bouquet essentially looks like a waterfall of flowers hanging from your hands. They’re a beautiful choice if you want your flowers to be a front-and-center element of your walk down the aisle, or you want to dress up a simple gown. We love the choice primarily for emphasizing the natural feel of an outdoor wedding or the breeziness of a beach ceremony. 


Image via Abby Mitchell Events

The look: Tight and traditional
Best for: Church weddings, fancy indoor celebrations
Because of it’s tailored appearance, a round bouquet is considered a classic choice that complements traditional or formal affairs. If you’re going for a vintage or rustic feel, on the other hand, this style may feel too “stuffy” compared with the rest of your decor. 


Image via Ruffled Blog

The look: Loose and bohemian
Best for: Vintage weddings, unconventional locations, casual celebrations
Hand-tied bouquets have a more natural, spontaneous feel about them, almost like you’re carrying a bouquet you plucked from a vase on a table. Hand-tied bouquets are versatile, but we love them most for vintage-themed weddings, outdoor garden celebrations, or backyard parties. 


Image via mydomaine.com

Image via Hey Wedding Lady

The look: Prim, not too proper
Best for: Religious ceremonies, formal indoor weddings, formal outdoor weddings
A nosegay is what most people think of when they think of wedding bouquet: a tight cluster of flowers with evenly-trimmed stems, usually wrapped in ribbon or fabric. Consider it the happy medium between a perfectly round bouquet and a loose, hand-tied one. 


Image via Wedding Wire

The look: Small and subtle
Best for: Complementing short or simple wedding gowns, courthouse ceremonies

A Posy is similarly structured to a Nosegay, but uses fewer flowers. The stems are also trimmed shorter, making for an effect that’s more compact overall. Many brides choose posy-style bouquets for the attendants, but the arrangement is also a beautiful choice for brides who opt for simple or short wedding dresses to ensure the bouquet doesn’t outshine the dress. 

Happy arranging!

The Hottest Bachelorette Party Destinations of 2017

The Hottest Bachelorette Destinations of 2017

Is there anything better than spending a weekend away with your BFF’s? After all of the stress of wedding planning, your bachelorette party is a much-needed time to have fun with your closest friends and celebrate the fact that you’re getting married! While spots like Las Vegas and New York will always be bridal favorites, this year brides are turning on the Southern charm in Charleston or opting for a desert retreat in Palm Springs instead. If you’re planning your bachelorette party this year, here are 5 spots you’ll want to look into:

1. Tulum
Image via

While you usually hear about destination weddings in Tulum, this year the tables are turning and more and more brides are planning their bachelorette parties here. This quaint little beach town is the perfect Mexican party spot. From the stunning beaches, to the historic ruins, to the town’s health conscious vibe, this destination has everything you could want for a bachelorette party. Stay at Zamas, grab dinner at Hartwood Tulum, and drinks at Todotulum, and you’re in for an unforgettable night!

2. Palm Springs
Image via

Palm Springs isn’t just a stop on your way to Coachella anymore; it’s one of this year’s top bachelorette destinations. Instead of fighting through crowded pools in Las Vegas, many brides are opting for this desert retreat instead. Stay at The Ace Hotel and sunbathe during the day, and hit up the bars on Palm Canyon Drive at night, and you’re in for a fun weekend.

3. Charleston
Image via

Spend a weekend like a real Southern belle in Charleston. One great thing about this city is that it’s definitely a walking city, so you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the city’s charm without worrying about getting around! We suggest staying at The Mills House Hotel or use Airbnb for a cute beach house on Sullivan’s Island. For your night out, grab drinks at The Gin Joint or if you’re looking for more of an upbeat dance scene bring your girlfriends to the Republic Garden and Lounge.

4. New Orleans
Image via

A New Orleans bachelorette party is pretty much a right of passage. Either you’ve been to one, or you’re planning on having your own there. Whether you’ve spent one too many nights on Bourbon St. or haven’t partaken in the revelry there quite yet, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a great time in NOLA. For your night out, try The Beach on Bourbon for a true Bourbon street experience or if you want more of a relaxed night sitting back and listening to some seriously talented jazz musicians, we love The Maison on Frenchman Street. If you’re headed down there for the food, don’t forget to try the beignets at Café Du Monde or the gumbo at Dooky Chase’s.

5. Nashville
Image via

Neon Signs on Lower Broadway Area, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. (Photo by: VOA/UIG via Getty Images)

What better way to spend your bachelorette weekend than listening to live music and dancing in the Music City? If you’re a fan of the T.V. show Nashville, you’ll want to check out the Bluebird Cafe. After that, head down Broadway for some Honky Tonk fun, and get ready for some line dancing.

7 Things to Consider Before Hosting a Barn Wedding

Photo via The Knot

The mason jars, the breathtaking countryside backdrop, the crisp night air…there’s nothing quite like a beautiful barn wedding to make you nostalgic for the country life. But before you start scouring local barns in your area, make sure to do some research. Oftentimes, there’s more that meets the eye when it comes to hosting a wedding at a barn or other rustic venue. To get you started, here are seven things you need to know before selecting your venue.

There might be Porta-Potties.

The appeal of a barn wedding is its rustic charm, but tbe prepared to deal with “rustic” elements in the not-so-charming sense, too. For example, many traditional barns or farm venues don’t come readily equipped with bathrooms. Fear not, you can rent toilet trailers or porta-potties for your guests (and some of them are pretty luxe, seriously)! Just remember to include this in your budget, as they can get quite costly.

You’ll have to deal with the elements

Just like with any outdoor event, the key is to be prepared for anything. While every bride is sure to cross her fingers and her toes that her wedding day will be sunny and 72 degrees, it’s better to have a plan in case of inclement weather. Wind, rain, mud, heat, and cold are just a few things to have a backup plan for. Also, keep in mind that most barns don’t have heating or air conditioning. If you’re planning a mid-August wedding, be ready to deal with the hot temps, or look into renting fans.

Be prepared to pick out every little detail

Like with any wedding venue that isn’t full-service, you’ll be responsible for extras like tables, chairs, silverware, wine glasses, and even a dance floor.

Get dirty

No we’re not talking about the Christina Aguilera song…we’re talking about your dress. Whether you’re walking through the grounds or dancing on the barn floor, your dress will drag. Many brides avoid this by changing into a shorter dress for the reception or having their seamstress adjust it before, but either way, get ready to embrace the dirt.

Have an early curfew

Many outdoor venues make you shut down shop by 10 pm because of noise regulations, so if you’re thinking of partying all night you might want to rethink your venue. Check with the barn before you book it to see what their regulations are.

Don’t forget about bugs

Nothing can quite kill the romantic vibe like a dozen bug bites. If you’re having a summer wedding be prepared with citronella candles around the perimeter of the barn. We also suggest putting small baskets of bug spray in the bathrooms for your guests, just in case the mosquitoes decide to join the party.

Mind your guest count

Most barns fit a maximum of 150-175 people, so if you’re looking at a guest list of 200+, you might want to choose another venue. Despite their open and airy feel, when you add in a DJ booth, tables, and chairs, you’re looking at a smaller space. Be sure to check the barn’s space requirements first.

11 Beautiful Wedding Photos Taken in the Rain

Although Alanis Morissette sang about the irony of rain on your wedding day, according to an old wives it’s actually supposed to symbolize good luck and fertility. While we don’t know if rain really is good luck for your marriage, we do know that it can be good luck for your photos. 

After all, there’s something truly romantic about having a rainy backdrop for your big day. If you need any more convincing, take a look at our favorite rainy day wedding photos below.

1. A good bridesmaid holds your dress…and your umbrella!

rainy wedding photo

via Ainsley Rose Photography

2. How cute is this couple sharing a kiss before they’re whisked away to the reception?

romantic rain wedding photo 
via Emily Baucom Photo

3. Rain helps make some pretty creative wedding photos.


via Ariel Renae Photo

4. While you can’t control the weather, you can embrace it with a beautiful photo like this. 


via Valo Photography

5. Raindrops created a dreamy backdrop for this country wedding.


via  The Image Is Found

6. The rain coupled with these picturesque city streets made for a wedding photo that looked as if it came straight out of a magazine. 

 rainy wedding photos

via Jerry Yoon Photographers

7. It’s a tie for which one we love more—this gorgeous photo or her breathtaking wedding gown.

Photo by Evelyn Eslava Photography

8. Love is your husband shielding you from the rain!

Photo via Ivan Zamanuhin

9. The best part of a rainy wedding? You can show off your shoes!
 rainy wedding photography

via Vesic Photography

10. What better place to have your first married kiss than in the rain?


via Mallory Joyce

11. Mix and match umbrellas add pops of color to this bohemian wedding.

via Our Love Is Loud

5 New Year’s Resolutions All Brides Should Make

I’m sure you’ve uttered the phrase, “new year, new me” at some point in the past few weeks. But have you applied this new philosophy to your wedding planning? For all brides getting married in the next year, we want you to make a few New Years resolutions. Be warned though, these aren’t the kind of resolutions that you can break in the first few days! So grab your planning notebook and take these to heart.

Wedding Day

Image via Huffington Post

1. Enjoy the process
Believe us, it will go by SO fast (emphasis on the “SO.”) One thing we hear a lot are brides who wish that they had taken a step back and enjoyed the planning process a little more. Remember, you’re engaged! Bask in your pre-marital bliss for as long as possible, and remember amid all of the prepping and planning, that you’re getting married to the love of your life!

2. Accept your body for what it is
Now that you have your dream dress, it’s easy to get wrapped up in achieving your “dream body” to go along with it. While there’s no shortage of wedding bootcamps and wedding diets out there, don’t go crazy with them! In the chance of sounding like your mother here, it’s not worth it to go on a crazy crash diet just to fit into your wedding dress. Accept your body for what it is, and find a balance between eating healthy and treating yourself every once and awhile. 

3. Keep a journal of your planning process – you forget the details!
One day you’re going to look back on this process through rose colored glasses and you’re going to want to remember how many cakes you tried before choosing the red velvet or how many dresses you tried on before choosing the one. What better way to document all of the details than with a wedding diary? Write down everything, big or little, so that in a year (or ten!) from now you can look back and remember all of the fun you had.

4. Prioritize time with your significant other during the planning craziness
It’s no secret that a lot of significant others aren’t huge fans of the wedding planning process. Instead of taking on everything yourself, make sure you’re including them as well. While some significant others might not want to help you choose the napkins for the head table, they might love to be a part of the cake tasting. If your significant other wants little to do with the wedding, make sure you’re scheduling in date nights where wedding planning is off the agenda, so you two can spend time together.

5. Don’t stress on the big day: Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit from Mojuba
After all of this planning and prepping, don’t leave anything to chance on your wedding day. With your Mojuba wedding day emergency kit, you’ll have everything you need to get hitched, without a hitch, all conveniently located in one stylish place. Basically it’s your modern day fairy godmother with a strap! From deodorant, to tissues, to scissors for unruly threads, this kit has it all!

Nail Polish Colors for a Winter Wedding

When you’re going over your beauty look for your wedding, don’t forget about your nails. Although a small part of your overall look, they’re a make or break accessory to your bridal bouquet. You’ll want to make sure your nails complement your flower choice, instead of clashing with it. Whether you’re planning on going neutral, metallic, or bold, scroll down for some of our favorite nail polish colors for your winter wedding.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional nail color. Stick with a variety of whites, neutrals, and pinks.

winter wedding nail polish colors neutrals-and-pinks

Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace
This opaque white is the perfect whimsical color to go with a winter white theme.

OPI Be There in a Prosecco
So you don’t want to go nude, but you want a little color on your nails. Your answer… this nude polish that will give you just the right amount of shine.

Essie Allure
This seductive sheer nail polish with a natural finish is a must-have for brides everywhere. Plus it’s Kate Middleton go-to shade, so rest assured it has the royal seal of approval.

Essie Mademoiselle
This soft pink will look great with your white gown.

OPI Nomad’s Dream
This dreamy shade is the perfect balance of cool and mauve without being too over the top.

Winter weddings give you an excuse to let your dark side out. So why not go for a pale metallic nail?


Smith & Cult Subnormal
This pale blue/gray is especially flattering on cool-toned skin. If you’re looking for a color that’s on the lighter end of metallic, this one’s for you.

Essie Cocktail Bling
This precious pale grey jewel tone will look great against a white floral bouquet.

Essie Now and Zen
You can’t go wrong with a timeless sage grey like this Essie color.

Christian Louboutin Miss Mars
For the bold gal, this intense gunmetal grey will give you glossy, envy-inducing nails.

NARS Amarapura
A little bit of grey, a little bit of shimmer, for a look that’s bold and fun.

OPI Glitzerland
This shimmery toned down gold is part neutral, part glam.

If you’re taking the plunge and going the winter red route, make sure to keep your nails short and square to balance out the already bold shade.


Smith & Cult Lover’s Creep
This red is a bit vampy and would look amazing paired with red roses in a bouquet.

OPI Nail Lacquer in We The Female
This dark berry red is part of Kerry Washington’s collection, so you know it has Olivia Pope’s stamp of approval.

Nars Jungle Red
Talk about a knockout color…this high-gloss shade is one of our winter favorites.

Essie Shearling Darling
This plush mahogany red nail lacquer with a dark undertone is the perfect color to bring out winter’s sultriness.

Which palette is your favorite?