Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

When it comes to wedding flowers, 2018 is all about the unexpected. While last year’s focus was on romantic, soft pastels, this year is all about a bold, vibrant color palette and unique flower choices. Whether you’re on the hunt for the next big trend in wedding flowers or just want a few fresh, fun ideas for your wedding, take a look at some of our favorite fresh flower ideas below.

Protea Bouquets

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The incredibly versatile protea flower makes for a gorgeous centerpiece for your bouquet. This flower has over 81 different varieties and the colors vary from yellow to red and everything in between, making it the perfect addition to your bouquet. The protea flower also represents hope and change, making it symbolic to the new adventure you and your partner are about to embark on. We love this beautiful arrangement from Shotgun Floral Studio, which includes peach and yellow garden roses, dahlias, scabiosa, and king protea tied together with a sequined sash.


Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

Move over peonies, dahlias are the new flower of choice! While peonies have long dominated the wedding scene, dahlias are slowly becoming a popular flower for those looking for something fresh and new for their bouquets. Not only are these stunning florals a real eye-catcher, but they also pair really well with other blooms. We love this bouquet from That Flower Shop, which includes light pink dahlias and dark greenery for a moody, cool-girl vibe. Dahlias are also in season from May to November, making it one of the most versatile flowers out there.

Deeper Hues

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

2018 is taking a moodier turn and switching things up from pastels and neutrals to deep burgundies and plums. These darks colors pair especially well with nature-inspired accents like succulents, eucalyptus and dusty millers.

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Wreaths and Garlands

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

If you take a look at any wedding blog or magazine, you’ll see that wreaths and garlands are making their way onto 2018’s trend list. Circular wreaths are being seen everywhere—including in hanging installations above the alter as well as in centerpieces. They’re even making their way into the bride’s hands as many people are choosing to replace traditional bouquets with wreaths. Garlands are also making a splash this year and being used as statement greenery to bring some color to the day. Whether they’re being used as an accent for the tables, draped over chairs or used in archways, garlands are definitely having a moment in 2018!

Photo via Etsy


Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

While anthuriums are a staple at bohemian and beach weddings, many brides are opting to use them in traditional settings for a modern, contemporary look. Trust us, this statement floral will really make your wedding stand out! Whether they’re used in a bouquet or as a way to add a pop of color to the décor, you can’t go wrong with this tropical flower.

Photo via Pinterest



Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018
Before you close your tab after seeing carnations on our list, give us a chance to explain! This year, floral designers are switching things up and giving carnations a cool-girl spin. Mixing carnations with the right accents will give your wedding bouquet a soft, romantic feel. If you want to go the adventurous route, many floral designers are finding alternate ways to use carnations by dying and spray painting them to give your wedding decorations a creative, artistic vibe.

Photo via DeFiore Photography and Hana Style Designs

Chic Centerpiece Ideas for a Fall Wedding That Aren’t at All Kitschy

When you envision fall weddings, centerpieces filled with yellow foliage and orange pumpkins no doubt pop into your mind. While you may love these fall accessories to decorate your home, they don’t always go along with your wedding theme. If you’re planning a fall wedding, here are a few centerpiece ideas that aren’t at all kitschy.

1. Accentuate with Kale

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Yes, we really did mean to type kale. While you might dread this vegetable in your salad, it makes for a beautiful centerpiece. Flowering kale is actually quite common in wedding bouquets and centerpieces and we love how it contrasts against the purple flowers and various greenery. Women are even using kale in their wedding bouquets, so you could always consider incorporating it into different aspects of your big day.  

2. Brighten up with Fall Oranges

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We get it; you’re probably skeptical about adding orange into your wedding colors. After all, that’s why you’re staying away from any kitschy orange leaves. A classy way to bring this color into your centerpiece is with this tangerine rose and branch combo in a wine glass. We love how the greens and dark branches contrast with the orange, giving you an elegant nod to the season without being too over the top.

3. Opt for Greenery

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to decorate their wedding tables with foliage instead of a big floral arrangement. For a fall wedding especially, what better way to get rustic than with greens. We love this fern and fig arrangement from The Merrythought. The dark hues of the ferns and figs against the stark white tablecloth really help to make the table pop. The differentiation in the mason jars and vases really adds to the rustic vibe as well.

4. Lantern & Eucalyptus

Image via Pinterest
While we’re on the subject of greenery, why not incorporate a bit of a rustic vibe with this eucalyptus and lantern combo. The lantern adds a vintage feel and the dark green of the eucalyptus really helps to balance out the lighter hues. (Plus this color combo will go really well with your silver or gold flatware!)

5. Get Woodsy

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Channel your inner country girl and start to get creative with nature. Fall is all about embracing your surroundings and what better way to do that than with this beautiful tree stump centerpiece. Instead of your typical vase, arrange your florals inside of a piece of wood. This is a great DIY project for you and your bridesmaids if you’re looking to get creative. You can even incorporate wood into other places in your wedding as many people are using wooden slabs as their cake stands too. 

6. Deep Purple

Image via Pinterest

When the weather turns a bit colder, so does your color palette. This is why we love deep purple and burgundy florals to accent your wedding tables. This color combo really brings out a harvest feel and combined with wood and gold accents, it’s sure to make your table pop.

7. Opt for a Wheat Centerpiece

Image via

Don’t worry we’re not going full farm girl on you here… but if you’re sticking to a neutral color palette, we love this wheat centerpiece design. The browns and tans go well with a rustic table and the bronze ribbon really helps to tie (see what we did there) the colors together. It’s a simple way to save money and go along with your fall/rustic theme.


Bridal Bouquet Style Guide

Like any detail in wedding planning, when it comes to choosing a bouquet style, you have to go with what feels natural to you, and well as what is best suited for the overall scheme and style of your wedding. From formal to flowing, bold to bohemian, here is our quick guide to bridal bouquet styles and what they say about your affair.


Image via Belle the Magazine

Image via

The look: Glamorous and romantic.
Best for: Outdoor weddings, beach weddings.
A cascading bouquet essentially looks like a waterfall of flowers hanging from your hands. They’re a beautiful choice if you want your flowers to be a front-and-center element of your walk down the aisle, or you want to dress up a simple gown. We love the choice primarily for emphasizing the natural feel of an outdoor wedding or the breeziness of a beach ceremony. 


Image via Abby Mitchell Events

The look: Tight and traditional
Best for: Church weddings, fancy indoor celebrations
Because of it’s tailored appearance, a round bouquet is considered a classic choice that complements traditional or formal affairs. If you’re going for a vintage or rustic feel, on the other hand, this style may feel too “stuffy” compared with the rest of your decor. 


Image via Ruffled Blog

The look: Loose and bohemian
Best for: Vintage weddings, unconventional locations, casual celebrations
Hand-tied bouquets have a more natural, spontaneous feel about them, almost like you’re carrying a bouquet you plucked from a vase on a table. Hand-tied bouquets are versatile, but we love them most for vintage-themed weddings, outdoor garden celebrations, or backyard parties. 


Image via

Image via Hey Wedding Lady

The look: Prim, not too proper
Best for: Religious ceremonies, formal indoor weddings, formal outdoor weddings
A nosegay is what most people think of when they think of wedding bouquet: a tight cluster of flowers with evenly-trimmed stems, usually wrapped in ribbon or fabric. Consider it the happy medium between a perfectly round bouquet and a loose, hand-tied one. 


Image via Wedding Wire

The look: Small and subtle
Best for: Complementing short or simple wedding gowns, courthouse ceremonies

A Posy is similarly structured to a Nosegay, but uses fewer flowers. The stems are also trimmed shorter, making for an effect that’s more compact overall. Many brides choose posy-style bouquets for the attendants, but the arrangement is also a beautiful choice for brides who opt for simple or short wedding dresses to ensure the bouquet doesn’t outshine the dress. 

Happy arranging!

Celebrate Earth Day w/ an Eco-Friendly Wedding!

It’s Earth Day! To celebrate this pretty darn amazing planet we get to call home (as opposed to say, Venus with its sulfuric acid and such – perhaps that’s why all us chicks peaced outta there and relocated to Mother Earth), I thought it would be the perf time to share some tips for throwing yourself a green wedding. The best part about these simple to use eco-conscious ideas is that you don’t have to be a hippy-dippy type or have a green thumb to pull off a green wedding. It’s all about your choices, whether you’re going for that all natural boho-chic style or you prefer your wedding served on a more elegant and formal platter. So in the spirit of all things Earthy, here are some of my fabulously green wedding faves:

  • Email invites for weddings are a big no-no, but you can still make an eco-friendly invitation choice by going with Botanical Paper Works seed paper, which is a special paper embedded with seeds and super cute! And after the wedding you can tell your guest to just plant in some soil, give plenty of sun and water, and watch colorful wildflowers grow! So cool!

eco wedding invitation - botanical paper works

  • Choose organic fabrics such as silks, cotton or linen for your entire wedding party’s attire. You can even find eco-friendly vegan wedding shoes that are super cute for some green tootsies.

eco-friendly wedding shoes

  • Have you noticed that rustic weddings are all the rage, and the burlap has become the it-fabric of this charming outdoorsy trend? Well look at you, already using an eco-friendly fabric in your decor! Fancy it up with some eco-friendly lace or use twine for a more down-home country feel.

burlap and lace wedding

  • Cut flowers may be the bees knees when it comes to weddings, but if you want to show the Earth a bit more love, go with an eco-friendly option like succulents that will also have themselves a happily ever after post-wedding day. Another eco-friendly choice is to choose potted blooms, plants or topiaries as centerpieces. This way, you can take them home and replant them after the wedding.

succulent weddingeco friendly wedding single topiary in pot


  • Did you realize that your Mojuba Bag is eco-friendly?  You can use the Mojuba bags over and over, as makeup bags to throw in your purse for future occasions or use your larger Mojuba Bag as a fab toiletry bag for your honeymoon or other adventures!

Mojuba Bride bag

These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to green wedding choices…an iceberg that will melt away if we don’t start doing our part to help our home! Will you be tying the eco-friendly knot soon? Share your top green picks in the comments below!



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Everything’s Coming up… Succulents

We love flowers just as much as the next girl…send away! But when it comes to our current crush on succulents, they could give a fresh dozen roses quite a run.  Maybe it’s the fact that some of these cute little guys can fit in the palm of your hand or that they require way less TLC…either way we can’t get enough!

From centerpeices to the wedding bouquet there is no shortage as to how you can incorporate succulents into your wedding day. Still a huge fan of roses, peonies and hydrangeas? Succulents pair perfectly with wedding flowers. They add a whole new level of floral design and create a stunning texture to any bouquet or centerpeice. Take a look at some of our fav ways to style succulents for inspiration and get to pinning!

Untitled drawing-2Mojuba Wedding
life happens. be prepared.

Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

Jackie James

alter- Amy & Jordan Photography / wedding bouquet- Wedding Chicks / wedding cake- Leila Brewster Photography / centerpiece- Brandon Kidd  / boutonniere- One Love Photo / headpiece- katie Lamb


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Happy New Year!


Sweet on Succulents

Now that Spring is in full bloom (it really took it’s time this year!), I can’t help but be sweet on succulents in weddings! These green flower-looking plants are just so pretty, but they’re also eco-friendly – unlike cut flowers, they don’t die once they’ve been cut. Plus, they retain water, so no wilting under that hot summer sun. Pretty and perky – that’s the way we like things! Not sure how to pair a plant with your wedding decor? Here are a few of my fave ways for a little succulent inspiration.










Cascading Bouquets

The new trend in bouquets? Cascading bouquets! We haven’t seen these beauties find their way into weddings in quite a while, and we happen to think they are absolutely gorgeous. Talk about making a statement! These are perf for outdoor garden weddings or for an indoor over the top glam affair. Opt for one “look-at-me” flower like cascading white orchids or create a garden of flowers with roses, branches and draping vines. Here are a few of my faves!

Adore this white orchid bouquet from Style Me Pretty. So elegant!

white orchid bouquet


This bouquet of soft blooms from Bridal Musings looks like it was picked right out of a garden!

pastel cascading bouquet

Holy cascading bouquet! Love the drama of this oversized bouquet from Burnett’s Boards. Now that’s an attention grabber.

large cascading bouquet

This smaller cascading bouquet proves that just a few hanging flowers can add a gorgeous effect. Love the green berries! via Style Me Pretty

cascading bouquet

What do you think? Would you design a cascading bouquet for your wedding?

A Trend That Blooms

Ready to start picking out the flowers for your big day? Welp, for 2014 it’s time to stop and smell the roses…garden roses, to be exact! These lush, pretty petaled stems are becoming one of the flower must-haves for your bouquets and centerpieces, and their slightly larger than the traditional rose size allows you to use fewer stems while still creating a full looking bouquet. If you’re a floral trend follower, the blossoming of the garden rose into one of the new IT flowers isn’t a big surprise. It looks pretty gosh darn similar to the pretty peony, 2013’s biggie bloom that has stayed at the top of the “flowers brides are fawning over” list again for this coming year. Opt for one or the other or do a lovely lush, soft and oh-so-romantic combo of peonies and garden roses. And, expect to see these blooms looking pretty in pink, as this girly color is making a comeback down the aisle!

white garden rose bouquet

White Garden Rose Bouquet

hot pink garden rose bouquet

Hot Pink Garden Rose Bouquet

White Peony Bouquet

White Peony Bouquet

pink peony bouquet

Pink Peony Bouquet

Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet

Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet

Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet

Peach and Pink Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet


Photo Credits: White Garden Rose Bouquet; Hot Pink Garden Rose Bouquet; White Peony Bouquet; Pink Peony Bouquet; Peony and Garden Rose Bouquet; Pink and Peach Peony and Garden Rose Bouquet

Winter Wedding Bouquets

April showers may bring May flowers, but there are still plenty of stems growing in even the colder months, and these are the perfect flowers to use as part of your wedding bouquets. Not only will they evoke the feel of winter, bringing the season into your wedding, but local flowers in bloom during your wedding cost less! Thats just more bouquet for your buck, and what bride can’t get on board with that?!

So, to help plant some winter wedding bouquet ideas in your pretty little veiled heads, I though I would share some of the best winter wedding flowers.

Anemone – Perf for the black and white wedding!


Amaryllis – a tad more pricey, but bigger flowers mean you can use fewer stems! (like with hydrangea)

amaryllis bouquet

Carnation – Inexpensive and available all year long – plus, if they’re good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, they are good enough for us!

carnation bouquet

Ranunculus – A fab alternative to roses in the winter months

ranunculus bouquet

Poinsettia – Known as being a Christmas plant, you can go with white for a more wedding feel!

poinsettia bouquet


Photo Credits: Anemone; Amaryllis; Carnation; Ranunculus; Poinsettia