Fab Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We know that you want to give your mom the best gift this Mother’s Day! So why don’t you give her the gift that keeps on giving…a Mojuba kit!

bride emergency kit



pink mini bag womens mini with advil and pepcid white mini bag

Yes, you may think that the Mojuba kit is meant for the bride on her wedding day but we know the kits are used way past the happily ever afters. We have sold tons-o-bags to women who are not getting married.They use them as their travel kit to keep at work, their everyday go to bag, and don’t forget date night!  It’s multi-function…think outside of the box ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just for weddings! The Mojuba kits are stuffed with must have products to touch up your pretty little face any time of day or night.  It not only saves the day on the big day but it can also be your mom’s BFF! With Mother’s Day right around the corner show her some love <3

She can take this fabulous kit with her when she travels for work, on vacation or to the gym! It’s so easy, everything is one place. Don’t you want to make things easier for Mom?!


Black Wedding Survival Kit $94 (with product shown above with Ivory bag)


 Or she can just toss this cute and stylish mini kit in her purse stuffed with high end products to use everyday!


Mini White Emergency Kit $42 (with product shown above)

All mini bags are hand made in the USA with felt flowers and a button or pearl…OBSESSED!

You can always add your mom’s favorite products to our mini bags to customize. It’s also perfect for a cosmetic bag.


Mini Brown Bag $23 (with no product)

  Make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day and every day with a fab Mojuba bag! #bestmothersdaygiftever

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