So you have already hit the first anniversary and thanks to our most recent blog on first anniversary gifts, you hopefully found some inspiration!!  Fast forward four more years, it’s the big 5! The traditional and modern gift for the five year anniversary is wood…odd, we know.  That said, we have racked our brains and found some creative and thoughtful ideas for you.  After putting all of our creative minds together we love how fun and versatile this gift can actually be. So “branch out” and find the perfect wooden gift for your forever after!!


guy gifts


Wooden Watch / Jason Ryan Paddle Board /  Humidor / Jack Daniel’s Barrel Bolt Action Pen


Treehouse / Wooden Heels  /  Wooden BraceletsWooden Jewelry Box


Mojuba Wedding

life happens. be prepared.

Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

Jackie James

Giving A Gift- The 1st Anniversary

It is almost time to take out your wedding cake out of the freezer as you prepare for your first anniversary! We feel you when you say it feels like it was just “yesterday”.  If you have been too busy looking at the wedding photos and forgot about a gift for your forever after don’t worry we have some ideas for you. The first anniversary is all about the PAPER and the latest trend of clocks.  Whether you go traditional or modern, you can’t go wrong! Here are our favorite paper and clock anniversary gift ideas.  Would you go modern or traditional for your first wedding anniversary?!



Airline Tickets / City Map Heart Print / Folded Book Art / Stationary (You can call me…)



Whiskey Barrel Watch / Locket Watch / Customized Wall Clock / Wooden Clock  



Mojuba Wedding

life happens. be prepared.

Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to jackie@mojuba.comJackie James

Wedding Tradition- The Veil


After the last two weeks of writing about wedding traditions it is time that we uncover the veil. This is one piece of wedding attire that has not changed much over the years!

As with all traditions there are a few theories as to how the veil came about.  According to the ancient Greeks and Roman’s, the veil protected  the bride from spirits and demons. Also, because of superstition it prevented the groom from seeing the bride before the ceremony. BAD LUCK!

Lets be honest ladies, when we have our bouquet, big dress, veil over our face, trying to walk down the aisle in 5 inch high Louboutin’s gracefully is a major challenge…cue the father or someone else “giving the bride away.” This role first started as an escort to make sure the bride didn’t trip or run into anything! Not all brides put their veils over their faces but for the ones that do its definitely an asset to have someone help you navigate the aisle.

Veils can be very delicate so don’t leave anything to chance! Make sure you have Mojuba Bride and Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kits on hand to fix even the tiniest wedding emergencies!

P.S. Don’t forget your silver sixpence for your wedding shoes!


Mojuba Wedding

life happens. be prepared.

Meet Jackie, founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding. After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any questions for our expert? Send an email to

Jackie James

Wedding Tradition – The Ring Bearer

ring bearer

Ever wondered why a tiny human carried your diamond ring down the aisle before you entered the church? Maybe it’s because no one looks cuter in a suit than a kid!

There are several theories on where the tradition started.  In the Medieval era, a young male servant had the job of holding the bride’s train when walking down the aisle and the ring was carried on the tip of a sword. Soon after, wealthy families swapped out the sword for a pillow (much safer) because pillow’s were rare and it was a symbol of good fortune! This is the tradition we are most familiar with, even though the sword tradition makes us feel very Queen like (think Game of Thrones minus all the fighting).

  As you know, we at Mojuba believe in making weddings fun and thinking outside the traditional wedding box. Don’t have a nephew, young cousin or the money in your wedding budget to rent a ring bearer(kidding)?

This little girl was the ring bearer for her mom, and she is giving us suit envy! One thing that goes hand in hand with kids at a wedding is our Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kit. So whatever surprises they throw at you, Mojuba has you covered.

girl ring bearer


Mojuba Wedding.

life happens. be prepared.

Photo 1: Acres of Hope Photography

Photo 2: Jonas Seaman Photography 

Meet Jackie, Founder and creator of Mojuba Wedding

After 20 years in the wedding business she has seen it all. Have any question for our expert, send an email to:

Jackie James


International Fashion Illustrator Makes Tabletop Collection. YES!

When it comes to personalizing your wedding day, illustrations are one of the chicest ways to get your guest talking.


And people are talking about Megan Hess, high profile fashion illustrator who has created sketches for the likes of Cartier, Chanel and Valentino.


Now you can get your hands on some of her work with her genius tabletop collection, The Couture Show. Made up of four porcelain plates with gold trim, linen napkins and a signature table runner.

Megan Hess


Use them for your table at your wedding reception to get all your guests talking or add them to your wedding registry!

P.S. Don’t forget your wedding day emergency kit!




Happy Labor Day!

Did you know Labor Day was created by the American labor movement in 1887 and was meant to exhibit the strength and spirit of US workers? Here is a little history about Labor Day!

In the late 1800s, at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks in order to make a basic living. Despite restrictions in some states, children as young as 5 or 6 worked in mills, factories and mines across the country, earning only a fraction of their full wage. People of all ages, particularly the very poor and recent immigrants, often faced extremely unsafe working conditions, with some or very little access to fresh air, sanitary facilities and breaks.

child labor


They began organizing strikes and rallies to protest poor conditions and renegotiate hours and pay. Many of these events turned violent, including the infamous Haymarket Riot of 1886, in which several Chicago policemen and workers were killed.

haymarket riot - newspaper clipping


On September 5 1882, 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march from City Hall to Union Square in New York City, holding the first Labor Day parade in U.S. history.

first labor day parade



The idea of a “workingmen’s holiday,” celebrated on the first Monday in September, caught on in other industrial centers across the country, and many states passed legislation recognizing it. But congress would not legalize the holiday for 12 years! For many Americans, it represents the end of the summer and the start of the back-to-school season. So grab your hot dogs & mallows and celebrate Labor Day weekend they only way we know how, by a parade and party! Happy Labor Day! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!







Julianne Hough is Engaged!!!!

Julianne Hough and fiancé, Brooks Laich are on cloud nine since announcing their engagement on Tuesday, August 18th. So get your secret wedding Pinterest boards ready because we can’t wait to hear all about her wedding planning!!

via Instagram

via Instagram

The Safe Haven star and her Washington Capitals beau, 32, have been dating since December 2013, when they were introduced by a mutual friend. This will be the first marriage for both. Hough previously dated Ryan Seacrest for three years.

via Splash

via Splash

Julianne shared a post on her Instagram account yesterday, August 19th, and gushed about her new engagement with a picture of her and Laich sharing an intimate kiss with the caption, “What a week it’s been.”

via Instagram

via Instagram

She also puts, “I’m just so happy and feeling so loved from all of you, and wanted to give you a quick update on everything. I can’t wait to share our wedding planning adventures with you over the next few months — you guys always give the best advice!…”

Make sure you check out her page for more insights on her wedding planning, we know we can’t wait to see what will come! Sadly, we will have to wait a few days. She wrote on her page, “… I’m going to take a slight social media time out to enjoy this special time with my fiancé (!)… When I return to writing in a few days, I promise some exclusive details and pics just for you, so stay tuned!”

via Instragram

via Instragram

Congrats to the newly engaged couple! Can’t wait to see and hear about the wedding planning adventures! We hope they think of wedding day emergency kits, they are a must-have at any wedding!






People Are Talking About Mojuba Wedding

We have amazing customers! Here are a few reviews we have gotten from some of the best customers!



Lindsey said,

“I’ve given these type of kits to friends who are getting married, since it’s always a cute, useful, and unique gift idea. I saw Mojuba on a blog recently, and decided to go in on it with some girlfriends as a gift for our soon to be wed friend. Let me tell you it is ADORABLE, and I want everything inside for myself. It is all top of the line product, and I feel like I actually paid for quality this time. There are reusable shoe cushions , L’Occitane hand cream (a personal fave), a Madame Paulette stain kit  (I work in fashion-it is literally the best stain removal system out there), and pre-threaded needles which I thought was a great idea. Anyway, I loved it, and I wish someone had given it to me when I got married!!

dancing feet cushions

reusable shoe cushions

L'occitane Hand Cream

L’Occitane Hand Cream 

Madame Paulette Couture Stain Kit

Madame Paulette Stain Remover Kit

pre-threaded needles

pre-threaded needle







dcabral said,

Jackie at Mojuba Wedding is ABSOLUTELY brilliant!!! She’s extremely knowledgeable of her product, has anticipated everything that a bride would need on her special day and has come up with an amazing Bridal bag that no bride should go without! Her quick responses to email queries, friendly and professional manner gives the customer a quality of service that is beyond any expectations. Mojuba Wedding is an outstanding vendor that is always willing to go the extra mile to help out its customers and keep them happy. The Mojuba Bridal Bag itself an magnificent product! It has everything that a bride would need on her special day and more. This beautiful and elegant bag is absolutely stuff to the brim ready to serve ANY bridal emergency and makes for a perfect travel kit after the wedding. The items in the Mojuba Bridal bag are of exceptional value and quality, brand names that you can trust, and there’s plenty available to share with the entire bridal party. Jackie has really put in some great thought and dedication into this product and I cannot praise it enough. The Mojuba Bag makes for a perfect gift for any bride or groom and one that they’ll be most gracious for. A definite must have for any wedding

Mojuba Bride Emergency Kit

Mojuba Bride Emergency Kit


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Ballerina Wedding

There have been an abundance of bridal party dance-offs lately but we think this one is by far the best surprise dance routine!

via youtube

via youtube

Kirk Henning, who is a professional dancer at the Richmond Ballet, surprised his bride Valerie Tellman with an incredible dance performance by him and his groomsmen.



Valerie who is also a ballerina with the Richmond Ballet had their wedding reception on the same stage they had shared as dancers in performances for the Richmond Ballet. Isn’t that adorable?!! Take a look at the video and let us know what you think. And guys…take note on the songs and dance moves!

Another link to video ——> <>





National Tequila Day – Chicago Specials

Today is National Tequila Day and there is no better way to celebrate your Friday than to drink some delicious and refreshing tequila cocktails. While everyone is hopefully finishing their last few hours of work, here is a list of some amazing tequila deals and specials in Chicago.

Cantina Laredo – 508 N. State St.

  • $5 shots of Patron tequila

Timothy O’Toole’s – 622 N. Franklin Ct.

  • $7 O’Toole’s Margarita, $5 shots of Avion blanco, $5 shots of Roca Patron

Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant – 1039 W. Belmont Ave.

  • $5 Partida tequila blanco, $2 lime fish taco’s

Cactus Bar & Grill – 404 S. Wells St.

  • $5 shots of Don Julio blanco, select $5 appetizers after 5pm

High Noon Saloon – 1560 N. Milwaukee Ave.

  • $18 top-shelf tequila flight

Taco Joint – 158 W. Ontario

  • Modelo Especial and Olmeca tequila blanco shot

Mas – 800 W. Washington Blvd.

  • $20 tequila flight special

Celeste – 111 W. Hubbard

  • Paloma, tequila based cocktail special


keep calm tequila on

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your mini emergency kit to avoid that awful hangover tomorrow morning!