Top Wedding Trends for 2019: What’s in and What’s out for Weddings Next Year

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Now that wedding season has come to a close, instead of wedding photos flooding your Instagram and Facebook feeds, you’ll start to see engagement photos galore. Thanksgiving marked the start of proposal season, which means that if you’re one of the lucky ladies getting proposed to in the next few months, 2019 will be your year of wedding planning. Before you start stocking up on wedding magazines, be sure to check out of roundup of the top wedding trends of 2019. From crop top gowns to single stem bouquets, 2019 is bringing us more than a few exciting new trends.

1. Floral Installations

wedding trends 2019

Photo via Pinterest

In 2018 we saw floral installations take the place of centerpieces on wedding tables. This trend will continue into 2019, but instead of over-the-top hanging installations, expect to see curated floral moments on tables instead.

2. Gesture Cakes

wedding trends 2019

Cake via 

This year it’s all about variety as couples are getting unique with their desert choices. While a traditional cake is still at the forefront of popularity, couples are incorporating a few of their favorite desserts like cupcakes, pies and candy for guests to enjoy and having a small “gesture cake” to fulfill the traditional cake-cutting duties. 

3. Single Stem Bouquets

wedding trends 2019 

via Leandri Kers Photography / The Pretty Blog

Step aside greenery, this year brides are opting for single stem bouquets that they can DIY. Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but it also plays into the trend towards simpler, minimalistic wedding décor elements.

4. Polka Dots

wedding trends 2019

Viktor & Rolf Gown via the Cut

It’s no secret that bridal trends are always changing and hopping to the next big thing, and this year is no different. Expect to see a lot of polka dots walking down the aisles this year. From subtle patterns on the gowns themselves to polka dot veils, you’ll for sure be seeing spots this wedding season.

5. Grazing Tables

wedding trends 2019

via Green Wedding Shoes

2019 will bring one of our favorite wedding trends—grazing tables. Gone are black tie waiters and waitresses walking around with appetizers. Instead, cocktail hour will be filled with beautiful charcuterie stations for guests to graze at before the meal. Think tables of breads, meats, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and chocolates (what more could you ask for)!

6. Engagement Moons

wedding trends 2019

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Engagement moons have been gaining traction over the years as wedding costs have continued to rise. Couples are opting to take a pre-wedding holiday after their engagement instead of a honeymoon to cut down on costs and save for the wedding. This way they’ll be able to spend some quality time together celebrating their new engagement before the stress of wedding planning sets in.

7. Velvet Linens

wedding trends 2019

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Table linens are taking a cozy turn this year as velvet decor is being chosen as a key table element. Not only is this a perfect fit for fall and winter weddings, but it also helps to create a cozy, yet moody vibe for guests.

8. Crop Tops

wedding trends 2019

via Cathy Telle

Two-piece wedding dresses swept the runways at Bridal Fashion Week, so you’ll start to see brides this year walk down the aisle in this modern, trendy take on standard wedding gowns.

10 Ideas That Will Make You Want a New Year’s Eve Wedding

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A New Year’s Eve wedding instantly brings images of sequins, confetti, sparklers, black and gold accents and most importantly—midnight kisses to mind. With so many fun elements to the first and last party of the year, what’s not to love about planning a New Year’s Eve wedding? To get even more inspired than you already are, take a peak at some of our favorite NYE wedding moments and get ready to check that calendar for 2019!

1.  Sequins, Sequins and More Sequins

We’re always looking for an excuse to wear sequins and a New Year’s Eve wedding is pretty much the epitome of sparkle and shine. Channel your inner golden girl and have your bridesmaids wear sequined dresses. The glitz and glamour of it all will make them feel extra special and it’ll look amazing next to your classic white gown in photos. Plus, your bridesmaids will be extra grateful to you for letting them have a gown that they can actually wear again! 

New Years eve wedding

photo via

2. Countdown In Style

We love the idea of having a clock as the centerpiece of each table so that guests can count down to midnight together.

 New Years eve wedding

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3. Skip Your Standard Photobooth 

A NYE wedding gives you the opportunity to have some photo fun with balloons. Have your guests hold balloons from the past year for photos and then at midnight let them go to symbolically “let go” of the past year.

  New Years eve wedding

photo via

4. A Timeless Cake 

Take a departure from your typical tiered cake and instead opt for something that ties in with your New Years theme. Not only is this cake a real showstopper, but it also makes a great Instagram moment for your guests… who doesn’t love a good ‘gram moment?

New Years eve wedding

5. Make an Exit

Hand out sparklers for each guest to light the way as you leave your reception. It definitely beats having rice thrown at you, and it makes for a pretty amazing photo.

New Years eve weddingNew Years eve wedding

photo 1 & photo 2 

6. New Year’s Resolutions

Play into your holiday theme by having New Year’s resolutions on the table cards. These can be serious, inspiring or funny depending on your and your future husbands’ personality. They’re a fun way to tie in your theme and to give guests some food for thought or a conversation starter at dinner! 

New Years eve wedding

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7. Glamorous Table Runners

Make each table shine with gold sequined table runners. These standout table runners will really set the tone of the party and will give you a chance to play up gold accents with the tableware, place cards and flowers. 

New Years eve wedding

8. Party Favors

Everyone loves a good party favor, and weddings are no exception! Have a basket of party streamers and noisemakers for guests to grab for the midnight countdown. 

New Years eve wedding

photo via 

9. Make it Themed

Halloween doesn’t have to be your only excuse to dress up; your NYE wedding can double as a masquerade party, too! We love a good themed wedding and this one takes the cake for one of our all-time favorites. Let your guests know to dress the part in your wedding invitation and have masquerade masks at each person’s chair so that everyone can take part in the fun.

New Years eve wedding

photo via

10. Pop Bottles 

Bottles of bubbly serve as the perfect take-home gift for your guests. After all, there’s no better way to start the New Year off than with a champagne toast and a midnight kiss!

New Years eve wedding

photo via 

Our Favorite Dresses from Bridal Fashion Week

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While Spring 2019’s runways opted for simple, understated dresses with an air of classic elegance, Fall 2019’s were all about the details with plenty of glitter, tulle and lace to go around. Take a peek at our favorite dreamy ensembles that floated down the runway this season, and be prepared to fall in love with all of them.

1. Galia Lahav

This gown can be summed up in about three words: Real life princess. With stunning tulle bell sleeves and a strapless silhouette, we couldn’t be any more in love with this gown if we tried.

2. Berta

With coordinating flowers on the bodice and veil, this finale number at Berta was one for the books. While it’s perfect for any season, we’re picturing this gown making a statement at a garden wedding. Any takers?

3. Elisabetta Polignano
Tiered chiffon and lace make this the boho gown of our dreams. Now all you need is a field and a wedding photographer, and you’ve got an Instagram dream waiting to happen.

4. Atelier Pronovias
This stunning gown featues a to-die-for lace bodice and a flowing skirt that pulls the look together. If we had to choose, we could definitely see Emily Ratajkowski or Gigi Hadid walking down the aisle in this look.

5. Lazaro for JLM Couture

No matter your views on chiffon, you have to admit that this 3D chiffon skirt is truly jaw-dropping. 

6. Morilee by Madeline Gardner

This short, lace number complete with a high-neck and tulle skirt make for the perfect hybrid of all the things we love most. Plus, it’ll make you look like you’ve got legs for days, and no one can be mad at that.

7. Rime Arodaky

While this ballerina-inspired gown might not be the most practical, it sure is eye-catching. With lace-up heels that could pass for ballerina shoes(how do we snag a pair of these for ourselves?) and a tiered skirt, this look is one of our favorites this season.

8. Savannah Miller

For the bride that wants a simple, yet elegant gown, take note of this Savannah Miller number. With a draped neckline and an effortless, flowing silhoutte this dress screams 90’s fashion moment. 

9. Wtoo by Watters

With a satin bodice and a classic ballerina skirt, this dress brings modern and traditional pieces together to form a breaktaking gown destined to be a wedding showstopper. 

10. Gala by Galia Lahav 

Is it just us, or does this gown remind you of a mermaid? With a star-accessorized bodice and a straightforward skirt, this dress is giving us major Ariel vibes.

11. Laure de Sagazan

For a laid-back bride, this dress is an absolute dream. It’s classic ballerina top and fuss-free skirt make it the perfect gown for a relaxed bride. Plus, it has pockets, and you know how much every girl loves pockets.

12. Reem Acra

You know what they say—three’s a crowd…except when it comes to Reem Acra. This designer sent her gowns down the runway in threes, pretty much guaranteeing that there would be a favorite in the group. Whether it was the veil, sequins, beading, feathers, or necklines that drew you in, you have to admit these gowns are as stunning as can be.

9 of the Most Adorable Proposal Ideas for Engagement Season

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best Proposal ideas 2018

Image via Pinterest

After wedding season comes engagement season! If you’re planning to pop the question during the holidays, here are some amazing ideas to help you plot out your proposal.

1. The Classic

If you’re looking for a classic, tried-and-true wedding proposal, look no further. Pick a favorite place that you and your significant other have—whether it’s the park you had your first kiss in or your favorite city landmark— and ask someone to take a photo of you two in front of it. Instead of cheesing, drop down on one knee and pop the question. Not only will you surprise your new fiancée, but you’ll also be making sure you get some pretty awesome shots of the proposal. 

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Have a little fun with your proposal and send your soon-to-be finance on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Start the hunt at home with a handwritten note or have a friend pitch in to deliver the first clue. Each clue can take them to a new place that holds special significance in the relationship. The sky is the limit here, so go as big or as simple as you want to!

3. The Classifieds

Remember when you graduated high school and parents would take out an ad in the local newspaper congratulating you? Well, this proposal is the grown-up version of that. If your significant other always starts his or her day with a newspaper in hand, this one’s for you. All you have to do is take out an ad in the paper with your written proposal and pick a good spot for both of you to read the morning paper in.

4. Destination Proposal

There’s something about a romantic destination proposal that always makes us swoon (to be fair all proposals make us swoon, but this one we swoon extra hard at)! Pick a city that you two have always wanted to visit, and get ready to go all out with planning. You can even enlist the hotel concierge to help you pick the perfect place in the city to pop the question. The best part about the destination proposal is that you’ll have your whole trip to celebrate your engagement and you’ll be able to make memorable experiences in a brand new place.

5. The Airplane

While we’re fully against clapping on airplanes (especially when the plane lands), we are on board with clapping in celebration for this proposal idea. On your next trip together, enlist the help of the flight attendant to let you borrow the intercom system to propose to your love while 30,000 feet in the air. 

6. Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite “trick” proposals is to slip the ring on while your significant other is sleeping and give them a morning wake up surprise when they see the rock on their finger. Celebrate after with breakfast in bed (complete with mimosas, of course).

7. Holiday Proposal

Make the holiday season that much brighter with a holiday proposal. Use outdoor string lights to spell out “Will you marry me?” in your front yard. Then invite your friends over for holiday party and reveal the message to your fiancé-to-be.

8. The Movie Buff

Does your significant other have a favorite romantic movie that they just can’t get enough of? If so, reenact a romantic scene from the movie as your proposal. We’re thinking Pretty Women style with a white limo and flowers in hand or a Walk to Remember style proposal when he pops the question while stargazing.

9. The Foodie

Book a dessert night with your significant other where you taste test different desserts. When the last one comes out, have the bakery present a cake with a bride and groom on top with your ring box. The best part of this one is that you’ll already have cake to celebrate with!

How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Venue Search

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wedding venue search

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Forget banquet halls, when you start envisioning your dream wedding location images of Tuscan vineyards and snowy alpine landscapes start to race through your head. While these locations are definitely #goals, we’re here to help reel you in (a bit) so you can find the perfect wedding venue location for your budget, family size and style!


First and foremost, start to brainstorm all of the places that mean something to you and your future spouse. Do you both love the beach? Did you meet on a ski trip? Do you spend every summer at the same vacation spot? Once you ask yourself these questions, it may be easier to narrow down an area to start your search in. Remember, if your location holds a special significance in both of your hearts, you’ll already be one step ahead of the game.


Another important factor to consider is style. Today’s weddings are all about personality and creativity…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for you to call the shots. Consider your personal style (not your mother-in-laws or your best friends). Are you a bit more casual or do you veer on the formal side, and do you want that to reflect in your wedding venue? Just because you’re a classic city couple doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful country wedding or vice versa. Once you decide on the type of wedding and the theme you want to stick with, everything else will fall into place.


It’s no secret that we’re all about ease. With everything right at your fingertips nowadays, it’s no surprise that you’d want that to carry over to your wedding day. A lot of wedding venues will come with a day planner or a caterer, and this can make a huge difference in your planning. When you’re trying to coordinate a 300+ guest list, having a built-in party planner is definitely a make or break addition. When you’re touring wedding venues, be sure to ask what the venues comes with or if they have any vendors that they work specifically with. 


Travel plans can make or break a wedding, so this is one of the more important factors you’ll have to consider. Whether you’re looking to get married in your hometown or your fiancé’s…or maybe you want to switch it up and do a destination wedding, you’ll want to consider the ease of the location. Is it easy to get to? Are there nearby hotels that will accommodate all of your guests? Is there Uber or public transit? If your location is remote, consider how your guests will get to and from the venue. Remember, there are always options like buses or something a little chicer like horse-drawn carriages, to take your guests to and from their hotel or to the reception.


Weather is every girl’s kryptonite the day of her wedding. Whether you’re planning an indoor or an outdoor wedding, no one wants a thunderstorm or a snowstorm to hinder his or her dream day. While you may not be able to control Mother Nature (if only), you can get an idea of the typical weather in the month and location of where you’re getting married. If it’s a summer wedding, will your venue have air-conditioning? There’s nothing worse than your guests sweating in 90-degree heat because the outdoor barn doesn’t have air conditioning. If you’re dying for an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider a spring or fall wedding to bypass any heat waves. 

Photo Opps

You’ll have and cherish your wedding photos forever, so when scouting venues make sure that you can take nice photos at the venue and that the backdrop is something you’re on board with. When touring a venue, be sure to ask where the best place to take photos is. 


So you’ve decided to get married in a historic church in your hometown, but they only hold 100 guests and your guest list is looking closer to 200. Before you start touring or brainstorming any venue locations, you’ll want to have a rough estimate of your wedding guest list. After all, there’s nothing that will create chaos faster than having to fight over seats at a wedding, trust us!

10 Timeless Wedding Ideas that Will Never Go Out of Style

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Here’s how to make sure you always look back on your wedding photos fondly (and without being embarrassed about your hairstyle). 

1. A Classic Chignon Hairstyle

classic wedding ideas

Image via Allure and Getty Images

Speaking of hairstyles you won’t regret, a classic chignon never goes out of style. Not only does it look good on everyone, but its versatility also lends itself perfectly to a beach wedding as well as a boho outdoor ceremony. Plus, if it was good enough for Meghan Markle, it’s good enough for us!

2. A White Dress

wedding ideas never go out of style

Image via

When it comes to wedding dress colors, white stands the test of time and remains a classic, elegant choice that you definitely won’t regret later down the line. While colored gowns go in and out of style, a traditional, white A-line silhouette transcends decades.

3. Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

timeless wedding ideas

Image via

If you look at any bridal magazine or wedding blog, you can see that mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses are having a major moment. Whether it’s different variations of the same colored dress or completely different dresses and colors altogether, a lot of brides are switching things up and veering away from traditional matching bridesmaid gowns. While we love this trend just as much as the next wedding obsessed girl, if you’re looking to keep things timeless, you can’t go wrong with matching bridesmaid gowns. Trust us, when you’re looking back on your photos in 20 years, you’ll thank us that you kept things cohesive.

4. Simple Invitations

There’s no denying that crisp, clean invitations with striking typography are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding. 

5. A Muted Bouquet 

Image via

Pages could be written about our love affair for a striking, bold bouquet filled with autumn favorites like deep reds, burgundys and darks greens. While this nature-inspired trend is all rage at the moment, in ten years you might look back and wish you had opted for a classic bouquet instead. If you’re on the fence, opt for the latter and go with a soft bouquet of pink and white roses to really exemplify the classic romance that we all love so much.

6. Floral Centerpieces 

We’ve seen some pretty out-there centerpieces (think: fish aquariums and paper doves), but a traditional vase filled with classic flowers, like roses and hydrangeas, always seems to keep us coming back for more. 

7. The Post-Vow Toss

Photo via

If you’ve ever taken a peek at any wedding fail videos, you know that the #1 mishap comes from that one wedding guest that threw rice a little too hard as the couple was exiting the church. Whether it’s rice or an ill-timed confetti moment that ended up with the bride peeling confetti paper off of her lipgloss, the post-vow toss is best left to a handful of romantic flower petals instead. Plus, there’s no denying that petals make for a much more romantic photo than rice does.

8. A Black Tux

If you’ve ever taken a look at your husband-to-be’s high school prom photos and wondered why he ever chose to wear that red tux or opted for a checkered suit instead of something a little more subdued, then save yourself the headache and have him go for a classic black tux on your wedding day. After all, a fitted black tux always looks sharp and your groom won’t look back in 20 years wondering what was he thinking.

9.  A Long Veil

Image via

A long, sweeping veil is the epitome of breathtaking. There’s a reason this tried and true wedding accessory has survived through the decades— it’s the perfect balance of whimsical and romantic to really offset your wedding gown and play into the romance of the day.

10. Champagne Tower

Image via

While we secretly love a good champagne tower for the amazing Instagram moment in provides, we also know that this classic favorite is the best way to make cocktail hour that much more exciting at your wedding. While other bar moments come and go, a champagne tower is forever (or at least until the bubbly runs out).

Groomsmen Gift Ideas He’ll Actually Use

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There are only a few things that groomsmen care about when it comes to weddings. The first is the bachelor party and the second is the groomsmen gift. The actual wedding makes the list too, of course, but let’s face it, your best buddies are really there to give you a wedding neither you nor they will forget any time soon! This is why it’s extra important to get them a groomsmen gift that they’ll actually like and use. Chances are they have enough beer koozies and personalized mugs from past weddings to last them a lifetime, so use this chance to think outside of the box and get them something a bit different.

Mojuba Mini Groom Bags

Mojuba mini groom bags aren’t just meant for the groom, they also make a great gift for your groomsmen as well. We know that your groomsmen take their grooming routine very seriously, and the last thing they want is a five o’clock shadow creeping in on the wedding photos or a case of bad breath ruining their chances at a dance with one of the bridesmaids. This is where this kit will seriously come in handy. If they don’t use the entire kit the day of the wedding, they can also use it as a Dopp kit after the wedding day.

Personalized Travel Bag

Image via

groomsmen gift ideas

A monogrammed duffel, overnight bag or suitcase is one of our favorite groomsmen gift options. Not only is it a practical gift for them to use when they travel (hello, bachelor party), but it’s also something they’ll have and use for a long time.

A Monogrammed Cooler

groomsmen gift ideas

Image via

Upgrade your buddies’ cooler with a monogrammed one that he can take with him on fishing outings, camping trips or just kicking back with the boys after work. There are tons of personalized options on Etsy or Wayfair that you can easily order and have delivered in a few days (if you’re on a time crunch).

Yeti Tumbler

Image via

There’s no doubt about it, tumblers are the most practical gift around! Whether your groomsmen is a coffee drinker or not, everyone can use a good tumbler. This stainless steal, double-wall vacuum insulated Yeti tumbler is the best ones on the market—and we know your groomsmen deserves only the best!

A Professional Shave 

While your bride-to-be gets her hair done at the salon with her bridesmaids, treat your groomsmen to a professional shave at an old-school barber. Not only is the experience something they won’t soon forget, but it’s also a great time to relax and get out any pre-wedding jitters. Plus, your whole wedding party will show up to the wedding sharp as can be.

Fancy Dress Socks

groomsmen gift ideas

Image via 1314 Studio Photography
We know that fancy dress socks are right up there with that pack of Hanes socks that your grandmother religiously gets you for Christmas each year, but trust us on this one. Pick out a nice pair for your groomsmen to all wear to your wedding. Make sure the design is one they’ll wear again, so they can get more than one use out of it. You can even tailor them to your groomsmen’s personality. You can also forgo the sock choosing and get them a subscription to a sock-of-the-month club. Men’s Health even picked out the 6 best ones, to save you the extra effort of searching for a legit one.

Their Favorite Beer or Beverage

When in doubt, a pack of their favorite beer or beverage is a gift that you can never go wrong with! 

Must Haves for a Wedding Day Survival Kit

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Wedding Day Survival Kit Must-Haves

When it comes to your wedding day, the old saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” is one that you’ll want to take to heart. While you’re bridesmaids are furiously checking their weather apps and doing every possible rain dance to prevent any weather mishaps on your big day, you’ll want to make sure you’re covering all of the other bases. That’s why we created our Wedding Day Survival Kit, filled with anything and everything you might need for a smooth, stress-free wedding. If you’re wondering exactly which essentials we stocked up on (and which ones you should stock up on too), look no further!

1. A Sewing Kit with Pre-Threaded Needles

Whether it’s a loose button, a small tear or a strap that just won’t stay in place, a mini sewing kit is going to be your best ally on your wedding day. Our Mojuba kit is equipped with Gilchrist and Soames sewing kit with pre-threaded needles to solve any last minute sewing woes.

2. Fashion Tape 

Any blogger or fashionista you ask will tote the importance of having fashion tape on hand at all times. We stock our Mojuba Wedding kit with BugCatcherz fashion tape so that you don’t have to worry about keeping things in place. This is especially important if you have a deep v or low-cut dress, as you don’t want anything to come out of place while you’re enjoying your time on the dance floor.

3. Madame Paulette Stain Remover Kit

On your wedding day a simple drop of champagne or splash of juice can ruin your pristine white dress. To combat any spills or splashes, a professional-quality stain removal kit from the famed New York City dry cleaner is a must-have. Trust us, even your bridesmaids will be looking for this handy essential at some point in the night.

4. Eye Drops

When you’re pulling long nights to get everything prepared for your wedding, it’s no secret that you might wake up morning of with tired, red eyes. The Knot suggests to use a few drops if your eyes are red or tired the day of. Some magazines even suggest use them to emphasize the whites of your eyes and really brighten them up for your big day, but be sure to use a brand you’ve tried out before as no one wants any unwanted reactions.

5. Scissors

Why does it always seem that whenever you need a pair of scissors, they are nowhere to be found? Stop this problem in its tracks, and be sure to include a handy pair of scissors to snip away any unruly or out of place threads.

6. Krazy Glue

Call us crazy, but we’re under the impression that there are very few things that Krazy Glue can’t fix. Whether it’s a broken heel that you need to glue in place or a jewel on your earring that can’t seem to stop falling off, this superstar crafting essential is something you won’t want to forget on your wedding day.

7. Dancin’ Feet Shoe Cushions

After you’ve spent all this time crafting the perfect playlist for your wedding DJ or band, you won’t want to miss out on the fun just because your heels are killing you. This is why we include a pair of Dancin’ Feet Cushions in our wedding emergency kits. Trust us, when you hit dance floor for the 20th time to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” your feet will thank you.

8. Rice Paper Sheets

Even if you had your makeup professionally done, there’s little you can do about that dreaded mid-afternoon oiliness. Our favorites way to banish that forehead glisten and smooth out your complexion is with a swipe of the Palladio Soft Rice Papers. Trust us, these makeup bag essentials will stop shine right in its tracks.

9. Nail Files

Don’t let a broken nail put a damper on your wedding day. Make sure you’re prepared with a few nail files in case of any snagged or unruly nails.

10. Band-Aids

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about band-aids. From paper cuts to blisters, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for any little thing that could happen!

Want to see what else is in our wedding day survival kit for brides? Take a peek at all its big day-saving contents, here

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

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When it comes to wedding flowers, 2018 is all about the unexpected. While last year’s focus was on romantic, soft pastels, this year is all about a bold, vibrant color palette and unique flower choices. Whether you’re on the hunt for the next big trend in wedding flowers or just want a few fresh, fun ideas for your wedding, take a look at some of our favorite fresh flower ideas below.

Protea Bouquets

wedding flowers 2018

The incredibly versatile protea flower makes for a gorgeous centerpiece for your bouquet. This flower has over 81 different varieties and the colors vary from yellow to red and everything in between, making it the perfect addition to your bouquet. The protea flower also represents hope and change, making it symbolic to the new adventure you and your partner are about to embark on. We love this beautiful arrangement from Shotgun Floral Studio, which includes peach and yellow garden roses, dahlias, scabiosa, and king protea tied together with a sequined sash.


Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

Move over peonies, dahlias are the new flower of choice! While peonies have long dominated the wedding scene, dahlias are slowly becoming a popular flower for those looking for something fresh and new for their bouquets. Not only are these stunning florals a real eye-catcher, but they also pair really well with other blooms. We love this bouquet from That Flower Shop, which includes light pink dahlias and dark greenery for a moody, cool-girl vibe. Dahlias are also in season from May to November, making it one of the most versatile flowers out there.

Deeper Hues

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

2018 is taking a moodier turn and switching things up from pastels and neutrals to deep burgundies and plums. These darks colors pair especially well with nature-inspired accents like succulents, eucalyptus and dusty millers.

Photo via

Wreaths and Garlands

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

If you take a look at any wedding blog or magazine, you’ll see that wreaths and garlands are making their way onto 2018’s trend list. Circular wreaths are being seen everywhere—including in hanging installations above the alter as well as in centerpieces. They’re even making their way into the bride’s hands as many people are choosing to replace traditional bouquets with wreaths. Garlands are also making a splash this year and being used as statement greenery to bring some color to the day. Whether they’re being used as an accent for the tables, draped over chairs or used in archways, garlands are definitely having a moment in 2018!

Photo via Etsy


Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018

While anthuriums are a staple at bohemian and beach weddings, many brides are opting to use them in traditional settings for a modern, contemporary look. Trust us, this statement floral will really make your wedding stand out! Whether they’re used in a bouquet or as a way to add a pop of color to the décor, you can’t go wrong with this tropical flower.

Photo via Pinterest



Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas for 2018
Before you close your tab after seeing carnations on our list, give us a chance to explain! This year, floral designers are switching things up and giving carnations a cool-girl spin. Mixing carnations with the right accents will give your wedding bouquet a soft, romantic feel. If you want to go the adventurous route, many floral designers are finding alternate ways to use carnations by dying and spray painting them to give your wedding decorations a creative, artistic vibe.

Photo via DeFiore Photography and Hana Style Designs

The Best Viral Wedding Videos of All Time

Mar 08, 2018 | Comments 0

Whenever we hear about a new viral wedding video, we can’t help but to stop everything we’re doing and watch. Whether it’s a hilarious maid of honor speech or an epic dance party, these videos are like our wedding kryptonite. If you are just like us and love to spend your afternoon laughing, crying and gasping at viral weddings videos, then you’re in luck! We’ve handpicked some of our favorites ones that have stolen our hearts and grabbed our attention below.

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1. Epic Wedding Entrance

Sometimes the most unsuspecting videos turn out to be the best. What started out as a simple church wedding turned it to one of the most epic wedding entrances we’ve ever seen. This bride, groom and their wedding party choreographed a dance to Chris Brown’s “Forever” and the result was a hilarious and unforgettable wedding entrance. Take a look at the video (if you haven’t already seen it) and join the 96 million (!!) people that have made this video a viral sensation.

2. Michael Bublé Wedding Surprise

Full disclosure—this video gives us all the feels! While the most surprising part of most weddings is usually the speeches, this groom shocked his bride in a totally different way. The bride, Amanda, had casually mentioned (on their first date no less) that she always wanted her husband-to-be to sing a certain Michael Bublé song at her wedding. This groom took it to heart and shocked her with a spot-on rendition of “I’m Your Man.” Be sure to check it out and get ready to be pleasantly surprised by his singing chops.

3. A Father Daughter Dance That Surpasses All Others

While most father/daughter dances are usually done to an emotional song like Unforgettable,” by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole or “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, this father and daughter duo opted for something a little different. They instead chose a medley of some of pretty amazing songs (hint: it includes, Beyoncé and Jump On It). If you’re planning a wedding anytime soon, you might want to rethink your father/daughter dance!

4. A Wedding Reception Turns Into a Music Video Filming

What makes the most epic wedding video of ALL time? We’re glad you asked! All it takes is a great playlist, a videographer and some pretty willing wedding guests. Robert and Teresa took this to heart and did the impossible… they enlisted their 250 wedding guests to create a music video during their wedding reception. Guests were briefed for 10 minutes and put into position before the impromptu music video. The only thing we thought when watching this is where was our invite?!

5. Maid of Honor Rap

This maid of honor decided to forgo a traditional wedding toast and instead opted to rap her entire speech instead. Not many people are brave enough to take on “Ice Ice Baby” in front of a room full of wedding guests, but this cheeky maid of honor did just that, shocking everyone in the room. Check it out and get ready to be seriously impressed.

6. Wedding Fails

We have to admit, sometimes wedding bloopers are a guilty pleasure of ours. Whether it’s an adorable ring bearer who just happened to drop the rings, a flower toss gone wrong, or a broken shoe that turns into an epic fall, these weddings fails will definitely make you laugh, cringe or something in between.