9 of the Most Adorable Proposal Ideas for Engagement Season


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After wedding season comes engagement season! If you’re planning to pop the question during the holidays, here are some amazing ideas to help you plot out your proposal.

1. The Classic

If you’re looking for a classic, tried-and-true wedding proposal, look no further. Pick a favorite place that you and your significant other have—whether it’s the park you had your first kiss in or your favorite city landmark— and ask someone to take a photo of you two in front of it. Instead of cheesing, drop down on one knee and pop the question. Not only will you surprise your new fiancée, but you’ll also be making sure you get some pretty awesome shots of the proposal. 

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Have a little fun with your proposal and send your soon-to-be finance on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Start the hunt at home with a handwritten note or have a friend pitch in to deliver the first clue. Each clue can take them to a new place that holds special significance in the relationship. The sky is the limit here, so go as big or as simple as you want to!

3. The Classifieds

Remember when you graduated high school and parents would take out an ad in the local newspaper congratulating you? Well, this proposal is the grown-up version of that. If your significant other always starts his or her day with a newspaper in hand, this one’s for you. All you have to do is take out an ad in the paper with your written proposal and pick a good spot for both of you to read the morning paper in.

4. Destination Proposal

There’s something about a romantic destination proposal that always makes us swoon (to be fair all proposals make us swoon, but this one we swoon extra hard at)! Pick a city that you two have always wanted to visit, and get ready to go all out with planning. You can even enlist the hotel concierge to help you pick the perfect place in the city to pop the question. The best part about the destination proposal is that you’ll have your whole trip to celebrate your engagement and you’ll be able to make memorable experiences in a brand new place.

5. The Airplane

While we’re fully against clapping on airplanes (especially when the plane lands), we are on board with clapping in celebration for this proposal idea. On your next trip together, enlist the help of the flight attendant to let you borrow the intercom system to propose to your love while 30,000 feet in the air. 

6. Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite “trick” proposals is to slip the ring on while your significant other is sleeping and give them a morning wake up surprise when they see the rock on their finger. Celebrate after with breakfast in bed (complete with mimosas, of course).

7. Holiday Proposal

Make the holiday season that much brighter with a holiday proposal. Use outdoor string lights to spell out “Will you marry me?” in your front yard. Then invite your friends over for holiday party and reveal the message to your fiancé-to-be.

8. The Movie Buff

Does your significant other have a favorite romantic movie that they just can’t get enough of? If so, reenact a romantic scene from the movie as your proposal. We’re thinking Pretty Women style with a white limo and flowers in hand or a Walk to Remember style proposal when he pops the question while stargazing.

9. The Foodie

Book a dessert night with your significant other where you taste test different desserts. When the last one comes out, have the bakery present a cake with a bride and groom on top with your ring box. The best part of this one is that you’ll already have cake to celebrate with!

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