5 New Year’s Resolutions All Brides Should Make

I’m sure you’ve uttered the phrase, “new year, new me” at some point in the past few weeks. But have you applied this new philosophy to your wedding planning? For all brides getting married in the next year, we want you to make a few New Years resolutions. Be warned though, these aren’t the kind of resolutions that you can break in the first few days! So grab your planning notebook and take these to heart.

Wedding Day

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1. Enjoy the process
Believe us, it will go by SO fast (emphasis on the “SO.”) One thing we hear a lot are brides who wish that they had taken a step back and enjoyed the planning process a little more. Remember, you’re engaged! Bask in your pre-marital bliss for as long as possible, and remember amid all of the prepping and planning, that you’re getting married to the love of your life!

2. Accept your body for what it is
Now that you have your dream dress, it’s easy to get wrapped up in achieving your “dream body” to go along with it. While there’s no shortage of wedding bootcamps and wedding diets out there, don’t go crazy with them! In the chance of sounding like your mother here, it’s not worth it to go on a crazy crash diet just to fit into your wedding dress. Accept your body for what it is, and find a balance between eating healthy and treating yourself every once and awhile. 

3. Keep a journal of your planning process – you forget the details!
One day you’re going to look back on this process through rose colored glasses and you’re going to want to remember how many cakes you tried before choosing the red velvet or how many dresses you tried on before choosing the one. What better way to document all of the details than with a wedding diary? Write down everything, big or little, so that in a year (or ten!) from now you can look back and remember all of the fun you had.

4. Prioritize time with your significant other during the planning craziness
It’s no secret that a lot of significant others aren’t huge fans of the wedding planning process. Instead of taking on everything yourself, make sure you’re including them as well. While some significant others might not want to help you choose the napkins for the head table, they might love to be a part of the cake tasting. If your significant other wants little to do with the wedding, make sure you’re scheduling in date nights where wedding planning is off the agenda, so you two can spend time together.

5. Don’t stress on the big day: Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit from Mojuba
After all of this planning and prepping, don’t leave anything to chance on your wedding day. With your Mojuba wedding day emergency kit, you’ll have everything you need to get hitched, without a hitch, all conveniently located in one stylish place. Basically it’s your modern day fairy godmother with a strap! From deodorant, to tissues, to scissors for unruly threads, this kit has it all!

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