11 Beautiful Wedding Photos Taken in the Rain

Although Alanis Morissette sang about the irony of rain on your wedding day, according to an old wives it’s actually supposed to symbolize good luck and fertility. While we don’t know if rain really is good luck for your marriage, we do know that it can be good luck for your photos. 

After all, there’s something truly romantic about having a rainy backdrop for your big day. If you need any more convincing, take a look at our favorite rainy day wedding photos below.

1. A good bridesmaid holds your dress…and your umbrella!

rainy wedding photo

via Ainsley Rose Photography

2. How cute is this couple sharing a kiss before they’re whisked away to the reception?

romantic rain wedding photo 
via Emily Baucom Photo

3. Rain helps make some pretty creative wedding photos.


via Ariel Renae Photo

4. While you can’t control the weather, you can embrace it with a beautiful photo like this. 


via Valo Photography

5. Raindrops created a dreamy backdrop for this country wedding.


via  The Image Is Found

6. The rain coupled with these picturesque city streets made for a wedding photo that looked as if it came straight out of a magazine. 

 rainy wedding photos

via Jerry Yoon Photographers

7. It’s a tie for which one we love more—this gorgeous photo or her breathtaking wedding gown.

Photo by Evelyn Eslava Photography

8. Love is your husband shielding you from the rain!

Photo via Ivan Zamanuhin

9. The best part of a rainy wedding? You can show off your shoes!
 rainy wedding photography

via Vesic Photography

10. What better place to have your first married kiss than in the rain?


via Mallory Joyce

11. Mix and match umbrellas add pops of color to this bohemian wedding.

via Our Love Is Loud

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