Wedding Tradition – Throwing Rice

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Throwing uncooked rice at newlyweds sounds so romantic, right? The tradition of the rice is to “shower” the new couple with prosperity, fertility, and everyone’s fav, good fortune. Rice took the backseat recently as it was rumored that if birds ate the rice it would expand in their stomach and kill them. No worries though as that is FALSE!

Still concerned about the birds or is rice not included in your no carb diet (kidding), we say break tradition! Shower the couple with flower petals, lavender, bird seed, paper confetti, or get creative…YOLO!  If you do go the “showering” route don’t forget your Wedding Day Emergency Kit. No bride wants leftovers hanging out in her updo!  TRUE!



Mojuba Wedding

life happens. be prepared.

Photo 1: Lake Lanier Weddings / Photo 2: Kinard Photography



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    Wedding Traditions – Wedding Rings

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    That bling does more than just shine! Your wedding ring is meant to symbolize eternity, since it is a circle it has no beginning or end (cue the aww’s). Don’t get us wrong, we love that it shines too!

    Want to make sure your face doesn’t shine bright like a diamond? Don’t forget our Mini Bride Wedding Day Emergency Kit. This kit is big enough to hold the items you need to save the day and small enough to keep all eyes on you and that ring!



    Mojuba Wedding

    life happens. be prepared.

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      Wedding Tradition- The Bouquet Toss

      Jan 29, 2016 | Comments 0

      tossthebouquetNow it’s time for all the single ladies to hit the dance floor, and it’s not for the latest dance craze, it’s for… The Bouquet Toss.

      The theory is that the single lady who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married, but did you ever wonder why the bride was tossing her beautiful and expensive flowers at her wedding guests?

      This tradition started in England when women would try to rip off a piece of the bride’s dress or flowers in order to obtain some of her wedding luck. Since this sounds like every bride’s nightmare, the bride would throw her flowers into the crowd of women and try to run away. We happen to prefer the toss vs. the ripping of the dress and flowers!

      If your single lady guests do try to rip the dress for luck, don’t fret! Our new fav “wedding trend” is having a Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kit on hand.

      Mojuba Wedding

          life happens. be prepared.


              photo: a perfect blend entertainment
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        Wedding Tradition- Silver Sixpence

        Jan 27, 2016 | Comments 0

        Just because the shoes are underneath your dress doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stand out right?! We’re of the mindset that when it comes to the big day any style or color goes. One of our Mojuba brides even rocked floral combat boots (see photo at bottom)! The old rule of having shoes that match the dress is no longer the rule, so “treat yo self” to that pair of red soles you have been eyeing. We apologize in advance to your groom if you happen to be staring at the shoes instead of the ring!

        jimmy choo

        Jimmy Choo
        lou 1Christian Louboutin

        choo 2

        Jimmy Choo

        lou 2

        Christian Louboutin

        Since we are talkin’ shoes we just have to ask, do you know the old saying- “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”…. Do you know the rest of the saying? Care to take a guess? Survey says, “and a silver sixpence in her shoe“. This phrase has been forgotten, and we are here to resurrect it! Here at Mojuba we know all about Murphy, the dreaded wedding guest (we are talking Murphy’s Law people). So we say why not bring on all the good luck possible and put a sixpence in your shoe. Why risk it, don’t mess with Murphy!


        We LOVE the tradition of the sixpence and it is said to bring wealth and prosperity to a marriage. Taking your first steps down the aisle can’t get much sweeter. It’s like winning Powerball! Especially because it becomes an heirloom after the wedding day. Some women make charms out of the coin and others save them to give to their daughters for their big day or another special bride-to-be in her life.

        Most brides walk down the aisle with something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We say it is time to bring back the rest of the saying to the bride’s list of must-haves as she takes her walk down the aisle. Pair our Silver Sixpence Coin with our Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the ultimate protection against Murphy!


           Mojuba Wedding

              life happens. be prepared.


        Kinard Photography / Dr. Martens 
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          International Fashion Illustrator Makes Tabletop Collection. YES!

          Jan 05, 2016 | Comments 0

          When it comes to personalizing your wedding day, illustrations are one of the chicest ways to get your guest talking.


          And people are talking about Megan Hess, high profile fashion illustrator who has created sketches for the likes of Cartier, Chanel and Valentino.


          Now you can get your hands on some of her work with her genius tabletop collection, The Couture Show. Made up of four porcelain plates with gold trim, linen napkins and a signature table runner.

          Megan Hess


          Use them for your table at your wedding reception to get all your guests talking or add them to your wedding registry!

          P.S. Don’t forget your wedding day emergency kit!




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            Happy New Year!

            Jan 01, 2016 | Comments 0

            Mojuba_2013_HolidayCard_ConstantContact_GraphicHere’s to having the happiest New Year filled with love, joy and cheer (and no wedding emergencies)! And to all those who are still waiting for that proposal, we hope you “ring” in the New Year.

            Mojuba Wedding

            life happens. be prepared.

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              Mojuba Stocking Stuffers for the Men!

              Dec 14, 2015 | Comments 0

              Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the guy in your life?
              Our Mojuba Kits are “stuffed” full of products to save the day. It’s a Christmas Miracle! 

              mini groom collage

              Our mission is to make sure you are prepared for the “unexpected” mishaps that can come up on the wedding day. But, we really want to help ensure you are prepared for other important life events in addition to weddings.  These male dopp kits are the perfect size to take on business trips, pack on a romantic weekend trip or even take to your crazy families for the holiday!What if… he cuts himself shaving?
              What if…his phone is dead and needs to write down directions?
              What if… his garlic breath could scare away a vampire?
              What if… he has toothpaste on his shirt before his presentation?
              What if… he partied in Vegas and is nursing a headache?
              What if… he hates to fly and needs to calm his stomach?Order one of our Groom Mini Wedding Day Emergency Kits by December 17th and we guarantee that it will arrive in time to hang in his stocking on Christmas Eve. Is your guy accident prone? Don’t worry this kit comes in a full sized briefcase as well!

              Ho Ho Ho

              Mojuba Wedding
              life happens. be prepared.

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                Cyber Monday Deal – Wedding Day Emergency Kits for $90 + Free Shipping!

                Nov 30, 2015 | Comments 0

                Mojuba is offering their Bride and Groom Emergency Kits for 40% off + free shipping!!

                He gave you the ring so give him some peace of mind of your wedding day!

                [Lime] Groom Emergency Kit

                [Lime] Groom Emergency Kit – $90

                The Mojuba Groom Emergency Kit is a collection of thoughtfully chosen, must-have items that the groom and groomsmen will need by their side to solve the inevitable mishaps that come up on the wedding day. Whether it’s a razor and shaving cream for some missed stubble, a sewing kit to sew a tux button back on, breath freshener for the first kiss, or Pepcid to calm the butterflies, Mojuba’s got it covered!

                [Tangerine] Groom Emergency Kit

                [Tangerine] Groom Emergency Kit – $90

                The Groom bag can be taken on the honeymoon and is easily converted into a handsome briefcase by tucking the strap inside. Trust us, Groom’s across the country will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they will be “groomed” to perfection and ready to take on The Big Day with our Wedding Day Emergency kit by their side. So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead, get one: You’ll be glad you did!

                LADIES! Don’t forget to shower yourself with your very own Wedding Day Emergency Kit, its fairy-god mother approved!

                [Black Patent] Bride Emergency Kit

                [Black Patent] Bride Emergency Kit – $94

                                                                                                                           [Ivory]* Bride Bag w/ product

                Your kit comes in black patent and will open to reveal a pop of pink and high quality products that stop any wedding emergency in its tracks. From sore tootsies to broken zippers or even the peskiest of wine stains, it’s got you covered! Consider it your modern day fairy godmother with a strap. Now go marry your hunky prince charming! (And don’t forget to bring your kit along on your honeymoon!)

                *Sold out of Ivory Bride Bags, picture to show product inside the emergency kit.




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                  Sofia Vergara Weds!

                  Nov 23, 2015 | Comments 0

                  Sofia Vergara of Modern Family finally said “I Do” on Sunday, to her beau of 11 months, Joe Manganiello.

                  Sofia was beaming with joy and excitement the entire wedding weekend and gave us all new wedding goals! And Sofia was not shy when it came to sharing her big day with the world…thank you Instagram!!!

                  Sofia's only son walking her down the aisle (via Instagram)

                  Sofia’s only son walking her down the aisle (via Instagram)


                  Sofia and Joe at the alter (via Instagram)

                  Sofia and Joe at the alter (via Instagram)

                  Mr. & Mrs.  first dance (via Instagram)

                  Mr. & Mrs. first dance (via Instagram)

                  Sofia and Joe beaming with joy after they said, "I Do" (via Instagram)

                  Sofia and Joe beaming with joy after they said, “I Do” (via Instagram)


                  Sofia had her wedding dress custom made by Zuhair Murad that was absolutely breathtaking.

                  Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

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                    Score a Touchdown with Mojuba!

                    Oct 12, 2015 | Comments 0

                    If your groom hasn’t been planning his dream wedding since he was 7, chances are he hasn’t thought about every wedding detail. The good news for you is Mojuba has. What better way to explain the importance of being prepared than with terms he does understand, football. You wouldn’t send the QB out on the field without his players to protect him so why would you leave the groom without a Mojuba Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kit? We like to think of this kit as the playbook of weddings. No matter what “play” comes your way on the big day we have it covered.

                    Celebrated the touchdown a little to hard… Advil
                    Slid into the endzone… Stain Remover
                    Need to draw the play out… Pen and Paper
                    Breath smells like that stadium hotdog- Dental Kit
                    Need to shave off the playoff beard… Shaving Kit
                    Your team lost… Sniff Brand Tissues


                    No matter what team your groom roots for, we can assure you that the whole party will be cheering for Mojuba! Shop our Mojuba Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kits!

                    Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kit
                    life happens, be prepared.

                    Photo 1: Jennifer Claire Photography

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