May the Fourth Be With You!

May 04, 2015 | Comments 0

may the fourth

It is officially Star Wars Day and people are celebrating in every way possible! The day started as a pun but as social media began to take over, people started tweeting and even making “memes” about the day. So how did this all start?!

As legend has it, and according to the origin story recognized by Lucasfilm, the phrase was first used on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher took office as UK prime minister. The Conservative party allegedly placed an ad in the London Evening News which read, “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.”

It took off in the social media age (where it has become a big deal every year) and finally expanded to real-life with events in Toronto. Now, there are events celebrating the day worldwide. Even the Boston Red Sox had fun with the day and made it an official Star Wars night for the game at Fenway tonight.

red sox

So have fun with the day and grab a date and a drink! Or have a night of it and make it a Star Wars marathon but don’t forget the popcorn!



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    Want to shop Oprah Winfrey’s Collection?

    Apr 23, 2015 | Comments 0

    Just in case you wanted to get a head start on shopping for your new home as husband and wife… check out Oprah‘s collection at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Property from the Oprah Winfrey Collection.

    oprahs collection

    If you want to get a little head start of what items of Oprah’s they have for sale you can check out their online catalogue and you can go to Leslie Hindman Auctioneers at their Chicago location at 1338 W. Lake St. You can also preview the items at their location tomorrow, Friday, April 24th, from 10am-5pm.

    So check it and find some furniture, vases, mirrors, or other accessories for your new home as {husband} and {wife}!

    Good Luck!





    photo credit: Leslie Hindman


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      Nicki Minaj is Engaged

      Apr 16, 2015 | Comments 0

      Nicki Minaj confirms that she is engaged to Meek Mill with a picture of her engagement ring! (see below)

      nicki n meek

      The couple has been rumored to be dating since February.

      On Monday rapper, Meek Mill posted an emoji on his Twitter page of a yellow heart.

      Then a follower reached out to Mill after he posted a picture of Nicki and himself, stating that he was “lucky”… Meek simply responded with “I am.”

      nicki & meek

      Nicki teasingly posted to her Twitter page a diamond ring emoji with the words, “I’ll post it later”

      And she did… to her Instagram page a few hours later. Check out that ring ladies!

      nicki minaj engagement ring

      A source says that the ring is a 15-carat fancy yellow heart-shaped diamond that would retail for approximately $500,000.

      Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!




      photo credit: Nicki Minaj Instagram, Meek Mills Twitter
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        Tax Day? Make it a [Free Shipping] Day!

        Apr 15, 2015 | Comments 0

        That dreaded day has come … Tax Day!

        tax day

        Most of us have a love/hate relationship with Tax Day,

        so let Mojuba make you {love} it this year!


        For this day only* we are offering [free shipping*] on our Bride

        Wedding Day Emergency Kits and Groom Wedding Day Emergency



        bride emergency kitgroom emergency kit

        All you have to do is use our free ship code:

        free shipping code

        plus you can get your own Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kits* for only $99!

        So what are you waiting for?!

        Head to our store and start shopping… you’ll be glad you did!




        *only on April 15, 2015
        *only free ground shipping
        *$99 for only the  large Bride & Groom emergency kits


        photo credit: cash america


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          Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY

          Apr 14, 2015 | Comments 0

          The day has finally arrived … Tuesday, April 14th … Free Cone Day! Starting at noon Ben & Jerry’s will be handing out free cones all around the globe!

          Free Cone Day

          The best part about this deal is that it is not limited to one per customer. So if you really want to try all the flavors Ben & Jerry’s have to offer you can get right back in line for another FREE cone. Talk about a cheap date!!

          Free cone day

          So grab your date and get your free cone today! We just hope you don’t mind waiting in lines. Thanks Ben & Jerry’s!



          photos: Ben & Jerry’s
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            Cheers, it’s National Beer Day!

            Apr 07, 2015 | Comments 0

            National Beer Day

            Today is National Beer Day and we think you should celebrate with a date night!! Here are a few fun facts to make you want to chug some of your favorite brews!

            great pyramid of giza

            • Thomas Jefferson wrote parts of the Declaration of Independence in a Philadelphia tavern.
            • The moon has a crater named Beer.
            • At some spas in Europe, you can literally bathe in beer as a physical and mental therapeutic treatment.
            • A buddhist temple in the Thai countryside was built with over a million recycled beer bottles.

            thai temple made with beer bottles

            • After he won the Nobel Prize; Niels Bohr was given a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house.
            • J.K. Rowling invented Quidditch in a pub.
            • In the 1980′s a beer drinking goat, Clay Henry was elected mayor in Lajitas, TX.

            Clay Henry, Lajitas mayor

            • Beer soup was a common breakfast in medieval Europe.
            • The top five states for beer consumption per capita: North Dakota, New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin.
            • At the start of Bavarian Beer Week in Germany, an open-air beer fountain dispenses free beer to the public.

            Bavarian beer week fountain

            • At the end of Prohibition, FDR said, “What America needs now, is a drink.”


            So there you go! You heard it from FDR… grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé or significant other and grab a few brews. And don’t worry, you have an excuse its Tuesday National Beer Day!



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              Burger King pays for couples wedding!

              Apr 07, 2015 | Comments 0

              Burger King gave a new meaning to their slogan “Have it your way.” A couple from New Berlin, Illinois recently got engaged and shared a picture to tell everyone their great news.

              Burger-King engagement announcement

              Then Joel Burger and Ashley King got some exciting news on Monday. A Burger King spokesman got in touch with them on Monday via Skype to let them know that they would be paying for their expenses and gifts for their upcoming wedding. Their whopper sized love stretches back to elementary school.

              “The guy at the assembly was a motivational speaker, and he used yo-yos,” Ashley told the State Journal-Register. “He asked the two fifth-grade (student council) representatives to stand up as he wanted the students to applaud our efforts in helping set up his event. As soon as he said, ‘Joel Burger and Ashley King,’ he started to laugh out loud and pronounced we were ‘Burger King.’”

              The name stuck as they remained close friends throughout high school and began dating in college, where Burger was studying at Monmouth College and King at the University of Illinois Springfield.

              —> You can watch Joel and Ashley’s reaction talking to Burger King spokesman via Skype <—-

              “When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage,” said Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King Brand spokesman. “On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us.” “We knew deep in our hearts that we wanted to honor the union of Mr. Burger and Ms. King,” says Hirschhorn.

              reaction after hearing their wedding expenses and gifts will be paid for by Burger King

              reaction after hearing their wedding expenses and gifts will be paid for by Burger King

              “And now we hope we’ve swept them off their feet. All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after,” says Hirschhorn

              Now all they need are a few of our Emergency Kits for the Bride and Groom so the wedding can go on without any mishaps because lets face it; life happens, be prepared.




              photo and video credit: The State Journal-Register

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                Identical triplet sisters say, “I DO” in joint wedding!

                Apr 02, 2015 | Comments 0

                Guests at a wedding service saw triple when three identical sisters tied the knot together at the same ceremony.

                triplets wedding

                Triplets Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane Bini share the same birthday, the same looks and tastes, and now – after marrying men who look strikingly similar – the same wedding anniversary too.

                triplets with husbands

                The 29-year-old sisters, from Passo Fundo, southern Brazil, even wore the same wedding dress, as well as hair style and make up, for their big day on Saturday. A different color bouquet was the only clue to help bewildered family and friends help distinguish one bride from the other. Even the grooms, Rafael, Gabriel and Eduardo – admitted they were worried they might mix up their wives to be when it came to exchanging vows.

                The sisters said, like other identical siblings, they have always been close and shared the same tastes and interest since they were babies.

                triplet sisters marry

                Rafaela was the first to find her future husband, Rafael, ten years ago while studying at university. A year later, Rochele got together with Gabriel. It was parents Pedro and Salete who suggested the girls all get married together after Tagiane also got engaged to Eduardo. The only dilemma for Pedro, a farmer, was how he would walk all three daughters down the aisle at once.

                triplets with family and husbands

                They decided that the girls would walk half way down the church and Pedro would walk each individual girl down the aisle. The pews at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida catholic cathedral in Passo Fundo were moved apart to allow more space for the three brides to walk down the aisle together.

                They were followed by 18 bridesmaids and page boys, each using the chosen color of the bride they were representing, yellow for Rafaela, blue for Rochele and red for Tagiane.

                triplet sisters

                The first to be taken down the aisle was Tagiane who was the first born of the triplets. They all went together to get their hair and makeup done with intentions of looking different. But after trying several different styles they all wanted the same one.

                triplets say I DO


                What a special moment to share with your sisters, and a great way to remember for years to come of how close and important they are to each other.

                What did you think of this triple wedding? Would you share your special day with your sibling(s)?





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                  {Mini} Groom Emergency Kits

                  Mar 19, 2015 | Comments 0

                  The Groom and Groomsmen Mini-Bag Wedding Survival Kit has useful items that will come in handy for the groom before, during, and after the wedding.

                  Mini Groom Emergency Kit

                  While it doesn’t cover a full array of potential mishaps like the Groom Emergency Kit,

                  Groom's Emergency Kit

                  the Groom mini bag wedding survival kit will definitely help relieve some stress on your big day.

                  It comes in a fashionable gunmetal finish, that looks almost as handsome as the groom!

                   mini groom

                  You can also choose between two different interior colors for the mini groom wedding survival kit; lime green or tangerine

                  mini groom inside - lime green mini groom inside - tangerine

                  The mini groom wedding survival kit comes with the essentials needed to help relieve the stress guys have before they say, “I do!”

                  mini groom product

                  What’s in the Mini Groom Bag?

                  La Fresh® shoe shine wipes (2)
                  La Fresh® hand sanitizer wipe (2)
                  Colgate® toothbrush & toothpaste
                  Carmex® lip balm for kissing
                  Band-aids® for your aching feet (8)
                  Scope® mouthwash
                  Right Guard® deodorant so you never let ‘em see you sweat
                  Hair Comb
                  Tux-saving Shout® Wipes (2)
                  Shave Kit with Gilette® Shave Cream
                  Styptic Pencil for shaving knicks
                  Advil® for splitting headaches (1)

                  Holly from Nashville says, “Once again, they deliver an amazing product with personal touches! Shipping is fast and the owner is quick with follow up and adds extras to make it perfect for you. Everything in the bag is name brand, top of the line and the bag itself is great quality! So happy I found this shop! Will definitely order this as gifts for other grooms!”

                  These mini groom wedding survival kits are the perfect gift for your groom. You can even give them to your groomsmen as a special gift. Get your mini groom wedding survival kits here.



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                    Dairy Queen’s 75th Anniversary

                    Mar 16, 2015 | Comments 0

                    Everyone loves free stuff, right?!

                    Dairy Queen is celebrating their 75th anniversary by handing out free ice cream cones. So head over to DQ for the cheapest date night ever!

                    DQ 75th anniversary

                    All you have to do is show up to a participating Dairy Queen and you get a free small vanilla soft serve ice cream cone.

                    So what are you waiting for?!

                    Grab your date and get your free ice cream cone!

                    Click here to see the participating locations.



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