Alexander McQueen: A Legendary Designer

Recently we wrote a blog about the legendary fashion designer Alexander McQueen and his exhibition at the Met. If you where unable to see this extraordinary exhibit of the intricate and fascinating designs of the late designer in person, here is a fabulous video that takes you through each room of the exhibit from curator, Andrew Bolton. If you missed our blog the first time around, here it is below:
Low-rise jeans inhabit our wardrobe as often as a T-shirt or that LBD these days, it’s hard to remember that we wore anything higher. The responsibility for reviving our dropped wasitlines lies with the designs of one man and his famous “bumster” pants, Alexander McQueen, former enfant terrible of the fashion world. Until August 7, you can catch his most memorable pieces at the Costume Institute at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alexander McQueen stormed the fashion world with his individual and unique point of view upon his 1994 graduation from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Even after his untimely death, you can still draw inspiration from his avant garde designs and unusual thoughts. As you all prepare to put on the biggest show of your life, it’s inspiring to look at the work of McQueen to see that anything is possible.  From sending models down the runway in antlers, ice skates and bird feathers to a life size runway game of chess, he turned every stage moment into something unforgettable. You may not be able to project your wedding by hologram, like the time he sent a hologram of Kate Moss down the runway, but the stamp he left on past and future trends can be incorporated into your wedding style.  His obsession with skulls even trickled down to an easy-to-wear bandana. He turned fashion into a dangerous experiment with unbelievable success, that it’s no coincidence that his show at the Met is titled “Savage Beauty.”

What is the legacy left by the man who moved easily from fine art to pop to vulgarity without batting an eyelash and made it fashionable?  A royal wedding gown and a showcase at the Met are good indicators that McQueen will still inspire us in the future. Today, with Sarah Burton at the helm, the success of the McQueen dynasty seems to be revving forward at top speed.

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